Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cutmaster C - Fortune 500

And I say!! Yo know two things here either I am the only one with tons of Cutmaster C joints or you cats just aint feelin him! Ha! Ha! This guy kept up with his share of tapes that had good titles and similar track lists as the others of his time, in fact, I usually copped Cutmaster C joints before Clue or tony touch tapes would come out and they did the do most of the time the thing is most hip hop mixtape DJ's were trying to keep up with Clue so they often sounded alike, yet there was something about a Clue tape that no matter what tape was circulating before hand, when Clues dropped it was money!! Cutmaster C had some heated up big time around the early 2000's and implainted his name for a brief moment and through out my posting of these tpes and CD's you will be hearing some Cutmaster C.

Monday, December 21, 2009

DJ Cory AK - The AK Father 2000

What's up gang my scanner couldn't much with this for the tracklisting but I will list it shortly!! This was a compilation mixtape by Cory AK that they hooked me up with down at uptown Flava it's about a 60 min tape with some nice stuff on it, I expected more but at that time everybody was trying to get a mixtape out in the mainstream!! Once Flex and Clue did their thing it set the tone!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

DJ Kay Slay - R&B World pt 11

I surely hope this wasn't posted already I have seen a few around not sure if it's this one though!! Kay Slay puttin on that R&B sh** yeah the R&B World series wasn't too bad and the music circulating at the time was hot!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

G-Force Sexcapades Body Bumpin pt 3

This is one of the first RnB joints I bought if not the first I played it a lot since it was going down at the time!! Sorry I couldn't do anything with the tracklist Uptown Flava did a number on them things plus I played it a lot since 10.00 was deep in the pockets for an Rn B tape for me. I copped this for my lady and it didn't dissapoint as not many did back then!! I never heard of G-Force but he had a radio voice 4sure you can tell he was used to them ladies night joints!! Well another one in the collection from me to you for my hip hop headz hold on for a minute got some more on the way, it's quiet storm time!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dj Wreck - Let's Have it pt 2 tape 1

And oh yeah there will be mixtapes!! Back to that Philly cat who put out a ton of tapes and CD's DJ Wreck again nothing special but had a sh** load of exclusives at the time!!Check out the 2000 50 opposed to the 50 now at a time when Kay Slay had raised the bar from the average 1 tape or CD campaign to 2 or more DJ Wreck came with several double joints of his own. So feast on tape 1 until tape 2 comes around!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dj Run-Love - Cars and Drivers

Noticed this wasn't psoted already so I thought I would drop this on you!! When I bought tapes like this it was usually during a drought and I was desperate, however the flow of this tape held it's on! I had never heard of Run Love prior and this tape if anything gave me something to listen to and hold me over until some heat dropped I am sure many of you may enjoy this as it was popular and my man down at Uptown Flava talked me into copping it !! So click the pic and check it out!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DJ Whoo Kid - Allstar Birthday Bash

Sugichef dropped the cover to this a while back, but didn't get a chanced to post the music so I got tired of looking at the tape sitting here and decided to convert it and post it, so here it is DJ Whoo Kid dropping another hot tape on yah!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

DJ Envy - Wanted Dead or Alive

Okay heres something to hold yall over sure wish some cats start firing it up again but it's all good I'm stil doing my part!!! You can tell by the condition of the cover I played this a few times over, Envy's tapes always held me over until Tony Touch, Clue, etc. dropped. Nothing special same formula but titles and covers got you through as well at that time!!

Remember where you downloaded it first

Quiet on the set

What's up family just wanted to let you know I am still alive around here just have been busy and lazy at the same time go figure that!! Let me first give a shout out to S.O.U.L and Tapemaster for keeping them things coming!! DJ Books and Digger's Union for keeping the flames hot!! I realize things have been in slow motion in the blogesphere and I promised I won't make the same explanations as I have in the past. I will say that blogging isn't just a music share network it's also an information and social network. I got another tape coming and as I will always tell you I got a couple more hanging around and tons of mix CD's to post, however I will only being doing a mixtape once a week I haven't decided on what day yet!! I will begin my next phase of my blog and that is to educate folks on hip hop as I know it!! So you get a little of this and a little of that!! I will continue to promote mixtape projects and so forth!!! My apologies to Books and S.O.U.L that I haven't posted the last projects but keep me in the mix for future joints!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000

Okay fam here I go again, now this tape took me a minute to post since I had to find out from some officials Tapemaster of course it's true authencity. There is another tape or album out under the same title with a different tracklisting that had me scratching my head for a minute but this is that official street joint 4 sure!! Couldn't get the cover much clearer you see the cats from Uptown Flavor often duplicated the masters and was too busy making money to duplicate the covers appropriately however I never had many problems with their tapes!!! Any how here's another one of them Whoo Kid jammies!!

Remember where you downloaded it first!

P.S. If you can't understand what I am talking bout gone over to Tape Diggers and get that other version, these are not the same!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ Books dropping bombs!!

You know when I think of Foxy I get pissed because this chick had the lyrical skills and swagger to take this thing to a new hieght but her personal life did a number on her!!One of the most talented female hip hop artist out there and just can't seem to keep her head on straight but none the less she got hot resume!! Aint no Nigga is classic but I tell you when she first debuted on the LL track I shot ya, the lyrics were so tight I thought it was a little boy getting down!! When you mention top female hip hop artist you gotta mention Foxy I only wish that the battle between her and Kim would've been a substained recording battle but it really never concluded with any clear victor!! As usual DJ Books has compiled a cool tracklist to support Foxy's accomplishments

I aint gone front when I first heard Kim get down with the Junior Mafia I knew she had a confidence in her style that made you say who is this girl!! Well that girl became a women quickly and was saying stuff female just wasn't suppose to say. Her affiliation with B.I.G. was beneficial to the early portion of her career. DJ Books has supplied us with some killer cuts of Kims, I personally like Money Power Respect with the LOX. Crush on you, no matter what people say, and Quiet Storm with Mobb Deep that track catapulted Mobb Deeps career 4 sure!!

Hurby Azor had an impressive resume, peep that tracklist man and if you don't know now you know,my favorite joints happen to come by the way of Antoinette who should be mentioned a bit more in top female hip hop artist!! Hell Hurby had the ladies 4 sure!! Dana Dane and Kwame both found success behind old Fingerprints too!! I'm feelin this tape because just when we thought we covered just about every angle of the old school we're hit in the head with another reminder of the real. Props to Theives Theme and Dj Books for this concept and well put together tracklist!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

DJ King Flow - Workin Day and Night

I told you the boy was workin day and night, this is a nice break mix that will keep the listener interested through out and craving for more!!
01. Intro
02. Break 1 (Little Brother)
03. Break 2 (Buckshot)
04. Break 3 (Eminem)
05. Break 4 (Oh No)
06. Break 5 (Big Daddy Kane)
07. Break 6 (9th Wonder)
08. Break 7 (Son Of Ran)
09. Break 8 (Nas)
10. Break 9 (Kanye West)
11. Break 10
12. Break 11 (Shadez Of Brooklyn)
13. Break 12 (Jay-Z)
14. Break 13
15. Break 14
16. Break 15 (Gangstarr)
17. Break 16 (The Game)
18. Break 17 (Obie Trice)
19. Break 18 (Little Brother)
20. Break 19 (Xzibit)
21. Break 20
22. Break 21 (Jae Millz)
23. Break 22 (Snoop Dogg)
24. Break 23 (Pete Rock)
25. Break 24 (Red & Meth)
26. Break 25
27. Brand Nubian - Down 4 Da Real
28. KRS-One - Whats Your Plan
29. K.Sparks - On N On
30. Man The Myth - My Way

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepert pt 9.5 90min Assasin

And oh yeah one more of them!! That's right another one after Splash and Envy kept talking sh**, well smack your favorite DJ Kay Slay just exposed Splash and well you know!! It was doing this time that I realized most of these cats were scared to death of Kay Slay! Now during the Original Gangster series he interviewed well known gangsters and hustlers like Alpo which already set the mark that this guys was on some gangster 4 real. The Gangster approach was hype and the tapes was backed by some dope hot tracks at the time. The Streetsweepers theme was just that 4 sure he was cleaning up man!!!

remember where you downloaded it first!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Blazers

01. Watch How It Go Down (Remix)
02. Nothin Iz Real
03. Say It (Produced By J-Dilla)
04. What Type Of Money
05. Please Don't Go
06. This Is Hiphop
07. To The Top (Prod. Statik Selektah)
08. Pay Jay (Produced By J-Dilla)
09. How We Live (Feat. Nas)
10. Tight Pants Are For Girls
11. Talkin To God
12. Book Of Rhymes Freestyle
13. How We Rock (Prod. DJ Premier)
14. Made It Through (Feat. Ali Vegas)
This first young brother hails from parts unknown to me anyway Ha!Ha! Yo man this young cat has been puttin in major work and has been working with some major artist trying to get it on!! he has put together some great instrumentals of his own music and has given us tons of his skillz over the last year or so, comes in this game with a humble approach asking us bloggers to assist in promoting his material illustrates his hunger to be on top, and I surely hope one day you get there my brother, but in the meantime he is going bezerk on his site Where hiphop lives. This mix is once again highlighting that underground circuit with none other than Termanology so listen to the Flow man put it down giving you these dope ass Termanology cuts!!

This next cat hails from Ohio and has been puttin his thing down for a minute now visit him at The Bust town Stomp, my man DJ Pos2 dropped this mix of some new stuff that might open your ears again, I found the mix entertaining from the Cormega start until the fininsh.

1. Mr. Cee tribute to Mr. Magic intro
2. Cormega - Make it clear
3. J. Cole - Dead Presidents 2
4. K-V f/Royce Da 5'9", Pace Won & DJ Noize - 5'9 Won
5. skyzoo - penmanship
6. Guilty Simpson - Stress
7. vandalyzm & finale - watch n***as
8. sha stimuli, Freeway, Young Chris - Moveback
9. De La Soul - LA LA LA
10. Keyel - Cold Soda
11. Busta Rhymes, J. Holiday - Hits for days
12. Jay Z - Thank You
13. Royce da 5'9 - Oct. 20th
14. Ali Vegas, Torae - Lost
15. Raekwon - Walk with me
16. Fly Union, Willie da Kid - Great
17. Joell Ortiz - 50 for the people
18. Ghostface - not your avg. girl
19. Freeway - Blogger
20. Beanie Sigel - All for it
21. ARES - Ain't no way
22. Zero Star - Like me
23. Kam Moye - Lets be honest
24. Greenhouse Effect - Getting There!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


And you say!! I am excited when the true ol skool is represented there is a lot of respect for the middle schooland new school music it's not as often that we trully go hard on the true ol skool well somebody did and what a wonderful project to select a group of their calibur before the Roots this was the first hip hop band playing live and they don't get much credit!! This group dropped around the same time Run Dmc was on fire then continued shortly into the middle school era. So for you headz that don't know now you know this is part of the collaborated mixtape project so check it out
01. Hip Hop Band Intro
02. Showtime
03. Just Say Stet
04. So Let the Fun Begin
05. Gyrlz
06. Go Stetsa
07. Wordsmith - Interlude
08. Daddy-O - Brooklyn Bounce
09. Talkin All That Jazz
10. Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
11. Go Brooklyn 3
12. Hip Hop Band
13. Ghetto Is The World
14. DBC Let The Music Play
15. No BS Allowed
16. Stet Troop 88
17. Daddy-O - Flowin In File
18. Daddy-O - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
19. Bust That Groove
20. My Rhyme
21. A.F.R.I.C.A (Norman Cook Remix)/Outro
22. The Problemaddicts - What It Seems (Remix Produced By DJ ReMike)(Bonus Track)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dj Envy - That's Lite

And the saga continues here is more of the Kay Slay Envy battle!!Kay Slay won the award that year and Envy and Splash was pissed!!Again I must admit Envy was dropping tapes heavy that year and probably was considered but Kay was on fire too!! That was probably one of the hardest years too choose a winner most of the time it seemed clear.Any how check this out and I know you're cracking up reading the cover, yes this is the actual cover Ha!Ha!

Remember where you downloaded it first

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 10/4/09 (Mr Magic Tribute Show)

I just happened to check this out over at Altrap with DJ A to the L and it's hot so check it out!!

Download Here

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepers pt 9 Controversy Y2Slay

And keeping on with the sure shots, here is another example of Kay Slays reign and the change in the mixtape game, man it was some nice sh** still pumping and the art work to the covers illustrations and stats on the battle!! Envy was hot that Kay Slay had won the Justo award and he had been puttin out mad work during that year, I believe it was like 99 or 2000. Well we know who won in the end but hell it raised a lot of hype and as you can see kept me buying tapes to keep up!!! I gotta couple more from that battle I might post at some point!!!

Remember where you downloaded it first

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DJ Envy - Who Want What

I just thought while we were on them Kay Slay joints for a minute, how about DJ Envy? Nobody talks about Envy, Whoo Kid, and Cutmaster C. They were certainly in the race with Clue and Slay in fact we forgot all about the mixtape beef between Kay Slay Envy and Big Splash. Well I just happen to have a couple of reminders for you!! I liked the little battle myself especially the mixtape covers from both parties. I honestly didn't think these guys were in Kay Slays league simply because Kay Slay was a proven talent and was dropping a shit load of tapes almost every week with nothing but exclusives, however Envy didn't back down or should I say Splash didn't but they eventually got off that beef and just kept doing their thing. Man did I enjoy buying these joints!!

Remember where you heard it first

Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ Books - Das EFX The Diggedy Dichotomy

Bump skippidy Bump skippidy Bump Bump I got that old rumppapumpbump!!Ha! Ha! Yeah don't front on this one cause these boys was on fire with their unique style which was different but they flowed nice together. Well DJ Books compiled a dope ass mix of these EPMD protege's so check em out!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepers pt 6 Don't Force my hand

Yo Holla at your boy on this one!! Yall must've forgot this was a hot ass series of Kay Slay when the heat was on 4 real!! He was pumping them out almost weekly!! Sorry this is the best I can do with the cover since it was a pretty messed up copy from the jump but I played this one a lot oh yes indeedy!! I was feeling the whole gangster/bully concept that he was on and their was tons of music to support it at the time!! Peace to DJ Manifest and Mike from keeping hip hop alive I hoppe every one has a safe and joyous labor day!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Super Mario & Whoo Kid - D Block Mixtape

Having a little trouble with the scanner but this cover will have to do for now! Oh yeah another Super joint I told you I am a huge fan of the D Block pre the new D block so it's only right if they were on a mixtape I bought it!! Check this out but don't go away I gotta couple of treats for you before the weekends out!!!

Remember where you heard it first

DJ Smooth Denali - Bleneds Volume 1

Now to some that heat 4real, you know this is one of my favorite DJ's of this school if not the favorite he has quietly put his thing down yet has such an impressive resume go check out his site I have a few of the Smooth ones mixes many I purchased from him. I posted this because I bought it from a bootlegger and it puts his blending skills on full display, I will not however post anymore of his mixtapes out of respect for the dj who is actively selling his mixes and should be doing great but I thought you cats needed a taste so check it out

Remmeber where you heard it first

DJ Absolut/Mista Rello & Jadel Prod - Queens Best pt2

Well look at the Dj's on this piece, some crertified blendmasters here for your ass!! I noticed tape and a few others have posted a lot of these on their sites so I thought I'd add my two cents. You know I had a lot of these and I think I gave them away!!

Remember where you heard it first

DJ RC - Nothing but blends 7

Now for you blend lovers Tape posted an RC joint on his site a while back so here is another if you like that!!

Remember where you heard it first

DJ Serg Sniper - Club Bangaz

Here is a club jammy I almost thought I posted before but anyways here it is!! I never heard of this cat but this is a nice joint!!

Remember where you heard it first

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Mario - Gameboy Advance series pt 2

Mike this one is for you , some mo of that Super Mario heat!!

Remember where you heard it first

DJ Boom - Is Alive

Just some mo sh** I dug up, it's amazing how big the mixtape world is, everytime you turn around there is a DJ you haven't heard before or just didn't know they were puttin it on!!

Remember where you heard it first

Friday, August 21, 2009

Super Mario - Game Boy Advance series pt 1

Yo man I was debating on posting this joint 4 real!! If you were or are a D Block junkie then you got these in the pile somewhere if not then add this on!! Sup made a series of these tight joints mainly featuring D Block artist!! I loved them because they were hot and had them new D Block joints as they came out!! The artwork was tight but back then honestly I could listen to D Block all day they were the only thing keeping me listening to hip hop at the time!!!

Download Here

DJ On Point - The Takeover

And once againnnn!!! I beleive this was posted a long time back I could be wrong but I noticed there was no DJ On Point posted so I thought I would offer this one up!! DJ On Point is probably most famout for the Cassidy joints he put out!!!

Download Here

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DJ King Flow & DJ PLK - Street Explorer Mixtape

This here is from my man DJ King Flow Collaborating with DJ PLK to give you that old school new school type of hip hop!!

Side A :

01 Scientifik - I Ain't The Damn One
02 Big Lo - Come On Down
03 Saigon - Change Gon Come
04 Krumbsnatcha - Hidden Scriptures
05 Sunny Redd - On My Grind
06 Nas - Film (Prod. C-Sick)
07 Jay-Z - Death Of Autotune
08 6th Sense - Wake Up
09 Big Pooh - Calling
10 K.Sparks - Obsession
11 Angelous - Reminisce
12 Jazz Liberatorz - When The Clock Ticks
13 Lyrics - Overcome All Odds
14 K-Delight - Forever Hip-Hop

Side B :

01 Kool G Rap - It's a Shame
02 No ID - State to State
03 Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers
04 Big Daddy Kane - In the PJ's
05 Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good Life
06 Krumbsnatcha - Closer to God
07 Tupac - My Own Style
08 South Central Cartel - Pops Was a Rolla
09 Mobb Deep - Back at You
10 Fugees - Rumble in the Jungle
11 Cypress Hill - Men of Steel
12 Geto Boys - Damn it feels good


Thursday, August 13, 2009

DJ Wreck - 2003 Wrap Up

Sugichef often says 2003 was it for him well it doesn't get much 2003 ish than this hgh!! To the loyals forgive me for this but I got loads of these things and some just appeal to me at the moment!!! Rest assure I have more post 2003 that's 4 sure!!


DJ Wreck - Still the most hated 3

Yeah I'm still pumping the Philly heat gotta represent just to let you know we had some cats in the mixtape game too!!


DJ Boom - We Got Next 2

DJ Boom again coming with that hot sh**!! I was diggin this cover man!! Hope you enjoy I got more on the way!!


Everythings Back Up

Okay for you cats that have been trying to download the older post they are back up again feel free to download the music and if you wish to put it on your own site, DO REMEMBER WHERE YOU GOT IT FIRST!! The other thing is don't change my links without asking!! I aint gone front I need the clicks!! Every little bit with rapidshare helps! Thank you!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mixtape project blast off

OUHH PRESENTS: DJ BOOKS - THE JUICE CREW MASTERS OF THE SYMPHONYIt's about to go down the start of the project (wich is still nameless if you guys have a idea for a name for the project let me know). If you would like to make any kind of contribution to the project contact me at soul10018@gmail.comIt's that time to release the first mixtape for your ears enjoy

Well Well Well DJ Books is still mixing them off the hook best of's and who better to do one on then the Juice Crew now I haven't heard it yet but it stamped with a guarantee!! DJ Books has attempted to give you a taste of the legendary Juice Crew in one mixtape but if you know like I know another ones coming!! I am exceptinonally thankful to be included in this project amongst many who have respected the mixtape game over the years but more less the ol skool , this project is set to take you back and help you to admire mixtapes again and also to inspire mixtaped DJ's who are puttin in work in the present this is how it should be done!! We are hoping that you DJ's recognizable by the post we have put up in admiration of your music will come forth to get this mixtape game back on track!! And don't froget the man puttin this together my man S.O.U.L over at Original Underground Hip Hop go check'em out!! In the meantime check out this mix by Thieves Theme representative DJ Books

01. Masta Ace - The Symphony Intro
02. Masta Ace - Four Minus Three
03. Craig G - The Symphony
04. Craig G - Take The Bait
05. Kool G Rap - The Symphony
06. Kool G Rap - Road To The Riches
07. Big Daddy Kane - The Symphony
08. Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin'
09. Roxanne Shante - Intro
10. Roxanne Shante feat. Biz Markie - Def Fresh Crew
11. Biz Markie - The Vapors
12. MC Shan - Marley Scratch
13. Marley Marl - The Bridge Interview
14. MC Shan - The Bridge Part 1 (Blend)
15. MC Shan - The Bridge Part 2 (Blend)
16. MC Shan - Kill That Noise
17. Kool G Rap - I Declare War
18. Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz
19. Big Daddy Kane feat. Biz Markie - Just Rhymin Wit Biz
20. Masta Ace - Me And The Biz
21. Kool G Rap - Intro
22. Kool G Rap - Truly Yours
23. MC Shan - Left Me Lonely
24. Big Daddy Kane - Ljong Live The Kane
25. Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Remix)
26. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off
27. Roxanne Shante - Bite It
28. Roxanne Shante - Have A Nice Day
29. Craig G, Glamorous, Kool G Rap, MC Percy & Roxanne Shante - Juice Crew All Stars
30. Dimples D - Sucker DJ's
31. Craig G - Duck Alert
32. Masta Ace - The Music Man
33. Kool G Rap - It's A Demo
34. Masta Ace, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap - The Symphony Pt. 2
35. Biz Markie - The Dedication Outro

Download DJ Books

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DJ Jay Boogie - The Day after tomorrow where will you be?

Well let me say this you won't be dissapointed at all!! I did not post the tracklisting this time but man if you like blends, mixes and to party this one will take you there!!Jay Boogie put in work 4 real this tape suprised me when I copped it, I didn't expect to get the skill level I got on there Jay Boogie wherever you at I hope you're still puttin it on man cause this is the only one I have!!

Jay Boogie

DJ L American Dream pt 1

Dig the artwork cause I can tell you by the time the 2000's kicked in I will be the first to tell you there were so many CD's flooding the market that sometimes I just grabbed something because of the artwork!! I say that because most of the CD's at that time had similar line ups so I either liked the way the DJ put it on or something else believe me I had quiet a few DJ L's so it wasn't just the artwork the kid was okay!!

DJ L American Dream pt 3

And thus another one I'm not sure if this one was posted somewhere already I didn't have time to check so for those that don't have it there it is!!!

The American Dream pt 3

DJ L - Dangerously Gifted

What's up gang it's your boy again dropping some more heat!! Now if you never heard of DJ L it's okay, I started picking up his mixtapes around early 2000's, DJ L was in my category a good fill in! What's that you ask? Well before Tapemasta and countless others hit us in the head with all these dope ass mixtapes from not so well known DJ's, many of us only knew the major players who sold more broader you know the Clues, Tony Touch's and so forth well DJ L and countless others wasn't that big at the time but I tell you the kid was consistent and when Clue and the majors slowed down it was cats like this who added their two cents!! Well I have a few I wanted to turn you on too just in case you didnt' know!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

DJ Whoo Kid & Green Lantern - Hate Us Now

You know what I was going to bed but I caught fire and decided to post this tidbit!! Yo the title speaks for itself and this tape is straight heat as far as what was put together at that time, Green Lantern had creativity and Whoo Kid was hot at the time!! Look at the artist that's on here and it'll tell the story itself. Makes you wonder doesn't it, can't get'em this hot no mo but change is gone come!!

Well if you were diggin that penny this my 2 cents, once again going out to all that's keeping this sh** funky yall know who you are, I'm going to bed right now so I aint got the time for the names!! But don't stop the flow!!

DJ Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong - Final Destination 3

This is to all who continue to kick out them mixtapes. I just thought I'd add my two cents so here is my penny!!!

Final Destination 3

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DJ Kool Kid - Hood Legends pt5

Okay here is one more now that's it for right now

DJ Kool Kid - Hood Legends pt9

Here's another one of them Kool Kid joints!!

Legends 9

DJ Kool Kid - Hood Legends Freestyles vol 1

Back to that Kool Kid sh**, Can't complain hgh, Again these tapes used to suffice me until the main cats came out!!Kool Kid tapes gave me a quick fix and deserves a play so check em out!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

DJ 1st Klass - Old School Hip Hop

This one goes out to S.O.U.L over at OUHH! This was the DJ 1st Klass I was talking bout!!! Personally besides this and the one posted over at S.O.U.L. site I never heard of this DJ!! I bought this with a couple other mixtapes, simply because it rocked that old school flaver and I am a sucker for anything with Ol Skool Hip Hop on it, even witht the same tracklisting , I am always interested in how the DJ is going to put it together!!
You know what I listened to this joint for the first time since I've had it and this joint is off the chains, just what we were talking about a DJ showing skills!! It gets very refreshing to here a scratch and a little juggling you know!!! DJ 1st Klass gets an A in my class man I like the way he was throwing down!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old School Mega Mix One

For anybody wanting that old thing back I suggest you click, watch , and bear witness to hip hop all wrapped up in 8 minutes. Ol Skool Hip Hop that is!!! Yo my man Phil the Soulman over at the Real Schitt added his seal of approval a few days ago when I first checked it out . I thought it was dope and was just linked up to that site a few minutes ago!!If you get a minute and you like discussions on the culture of hip hop, Old School Scholar is hot and got some interesting stuff they poiticking on over there!! So don't forget watch this video you old headz won't regret it and you young bucks will be rocking!!

Cutmaster C - Hell up in Queens Tape 1

And here is Tape 1!! I hope you enjoy and recognize that why my man KaySlay was poppin double tapes left and right so was Cutmaster C and DJ Wreck!!We all know the difference though if you don't you need to listen to these tapes and perhaps you'll figure it out!!!

Tape 1

Cutmaster C - Hell up in Queens Tape 2

Yo I wanna send a stupid shout out to Gildog over at All Soul and Funk, this is a two tape set with Cutmaster C doing his thang, one of the notable things about Cutmaster C was the Gangster movie skits he threw in throughout his tapes that was backed by the tracks he was putiin on!! Well here is tape 2

Tape 2