Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepers pt 9 Controversy Y2Slay

And keeping on with the sure shots, here is another example of Kay Slays reign and the change in the mixtape game, man it was some nice sh** still pumping and the art work to the covers illustrations and stats on the battle!! Envy was hot that Kay Slay had won the Justo award and he had been puttin out mad work during that year, I believe it was like 99 or 2000. Well we know who won in the end but hell it raised a lot of hype and as you can see kept me buying tapes to keep up!!! I gotta couple more from that battle I might post at some point!!!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DJ Envy - Who Want What

I just thought while we were on them Kay Slay joints for a minute, how about DJ Envy? Nobody talks about Envy, Whoo Kid, and Cutmaster C. They were certainly in the race with Clue and Slay in fact we forgot all about the mixtape beef between Kay Slay Envy and Big Splash. Well I just happen to have a couple of reminders for you!! I liked the little battle myself especially the mixtape covers from both parties. I honestly didn't think these guys were in Kay Slays league simply because Kay Slay was a proven talent and was dropping a shit load of tapes almost every week with nothing but exclusives, however Envy didn't back down or should I say Splash didn't but they eventually got off that beef and just kept doing their thing. Man did I enjoy buying these joints!!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ Books - Das EFX The Diggedy Dichotomy

Bump skippidy Bump skippidy Bump Bump I got that old rumppapumpbump!!Ha! Ha! Yeah don't front on this one cause these boys was on fire with their unique style which was different but they flowed nice together. Well DJ Books compiled a dope ass mix of these EPMD protege's so check em out!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepers pt 6 Don't Force my hand

Yo Holla at your boy on this one!! Yall must've forgot this was a hot ass series of Kay Slay when the heat was on 4 real!! He was pumping them out almost weekly!! Sorry this is the best I can do with the cover since it was a pretty messed up copy from the jump but I played this one a lot oh yes indeedy!! I was feeling the whole gangster/bully concept that he was on and their was tons of music to support it at the time!! Peace to DJ Manifest and Mike from keeping hip hop alive I hoppe every one has a safe and joyous labor day!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Super Mario & Whoo Kid - D Block Mixtape

Having a little trouble with the scanner but this cover will have to do for now! Oh yeah another Super joint I told you I am a huge fan of the D Block pre the new D block so it's only right if they were on a mixtape I bought it!! Check this out but don't go away I gotta couple of treats for you before the weekends out!!!

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DJ Smooth Denali - Bleneds Volume 1

Now to some that heat 4real, you know this is one of my favorite DJ's of this school if not the favorite he has quietly put his thing down yet has such an impressive resume go check out his site I have a few of the Smooth ones mixes many I purchased from him. I posted this because I bought it from a bootlegger and it puts his blending skills on full display, I will not however post anymore of his mixtapes out of respect for the dj who is actively selling his mixes and should be doing great but I thought you cats needed a taste so check it out

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DJ Absolut/Mista Rello & Jadel Prod - Queens Best pt2

Well look at the Dj's on this piece, some crertified blendmasters here for your ass!! I noticed tape and a few others have posted a lot of these on their sites so I thought I'd add my two cents. You know I had a lot of these and I think I gave them away!!

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DJ RC - Nothing but blends 7

Now for you blend lovers Tape posted an RC joint on his site a while back so here is another if you like that!!

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DJ Serg Sniper - Club Bangaz

Here is a club jammy I almost thought I posted before but anyways here it is!! I never heard of this cat but this is a nice joint!!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Mario - Gameboy Advance series pt 2

Mike this one is for you , some mo of that Super Mario heat!!

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DJ Boom - Is Alive

Just some mo sh** I dug up, it's amazing how big the mixtape world is, everytime you turn around there is a DJ you haven't heard before or just didn't know they were puttin it on!!

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