Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cosmic Strictly Skillz Kev - Vol 16 Mad Deisel

Once Again!! I come to you with my main man Cosmic Kev gave me mixing and cuttin on his mixtapes which is always a plus!! I dug this one up didn't know I had so many Cosmic Kev joints, I tell you between Cosmic Kev and Tony Touch I don't know who got the most play from me not that they were the baddest mixtape cats on the planet but they gave me the flavor I needed!!I got some more Philly stuff to hit you with before I get back to some other sure shots but for now groove to my man the one and only Cosmic Strictly Skillz Kev

Vol 16

Friday, March 27, 2009

DJ King Flow - The Mixtape Prince

Side A :
01. Intro
02. Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising (Remix)
03. Random - One
04. Noreaga - Cocaine Cowboys
05. Saigon - Trans-Atlantic Slave Deal
06. Ghostface Killah & Novel - The Message
07. Butta Verses - Change The World
08. Prodigy - Bang On Em (Prod Alchemist)
09. AZ & Papoose - Knowledge Is Freedom
10. Method Man & Redman - A-Yo
11. Joell Ortiz - Covering The Classics
12. K.Sparks - Everybody Has A Series

Side B :01. Intro
02. K.Sparks - Sunday Drive 2
03. Rap-P - Thug Music
04. Cormega - Freestyle
05. Dave Barz & G-Nice - Air Em Out
06. Ill Mentality - Lovin U 4 Dayz
07. Mr.Cheeks & MOP - The Hussle
08. A Tribe Called Quest - On & On (Remix)
09. Ruste Juxx & Sean Price - Air We On The Air
10. Lil Dap - Deep Meditation (Prod Alchemist)
11. Slaughterhouse - Flight Club
12. Jadakiss & Styles P - Shoot Outs
13. Cardio - Hustle Hard Freestyle (Prod Alchemist)

Now for my real old headz I know you're like what the! But let me say this, since this site has been going down this young DJ has been puttin in work of his own and paying homage to the old school. He has asked me on several occasions to post his stuff and I just haven't gotten around to it so I got a moment to post his most recent material and because he has this unique brand of combining the old with the new and introducing us to well known artist with new hip hop we've been missing, I have enjoyed the mixes I have heard of DJ King Flow but let you tell it without further to do check him out!!

DJ KIng Flow the Mixtape Prince

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mr. Freeze's 12th Anniversary Party

And without further to do!! Thanks to my man Gildog over at All Soul and Funk, we got blessed with this gem!!So yall know what you need to do gone over there and hollar at em and thank em for this piece, he went to great lengths to get it to us!! Man wait till yall get to check this out for you mixtape headz who often wondered what these cats looked like on the 1's and 2's well here is your chance to peep them showing some of their skills at Mr. Freeze's 12th Anniversary party for all of you who don't know Mr. Freeze records is located in Raliegh N.C. and is famous for pumping them tapes amongst other things. Word is he had everything!! Gildog or some other headz can elaborate more on this but I tried to find pictures and I came up with one of the store fronts and I'm not sure if that's Mr. Freeze or just some cat on the wheels.

Here's the DJ's featured in no particular order Ron G, Lazy K, DJ Clue, Doo Wop, Backspin, Doggtime, DJ Juice, DJ Kysheem, and Billy Bill! Man all I can say is we should be talking soon I was skimming through and wound up watching the whole damn thing!! Man thanks to Gildog for putting in work to get this from Mr.Freeze, and no doubt a special shout out to Mr. Freeze for providing this!! So please enoy this and don't forget to talk about it!!

Mr. Freeze pt 1

Mr. Freeze pt 2

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gatekeepers - Classic Club Soul 3

And yet another!! I got a couple more Gatekeepers joints around here somewhere I just haven't found them yet, but rest assure when I do you got 'em in the mean time here's another Gatekeepers joint not on the Hip Hop side but it's allright so once more check out Jae Supreme!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gatekeepers - Classic Hip Hop (Goin way back) pt 3

Now this one got mad play from me from the tracklist alone, a lot of ol skool joints on here, nothing spectacular as far as the mix goes, just some great memories played by Mad Mark another one on that Gatekeeper team!! You know this is right up my alley way!!!

Goin Way Back

Gatekeepers - Crate Classics 8

Yeah here's another one this time it's from Jae Supreme!! Can't Understand How Nas got on this one since he wasn't around the time most of this stuff was out Jae broke some ol skool rules if you asked me, none the less this is still another good one from the Gatekeepers team!!

Download here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gatekeepers - Crate Classics 6

This one is mixed by Davey Dex, I don't know mucha about him either but this is a nice one as well!! I really wish I had this entire series it's dope not just a compilation!! Gatekeepers had something going on 4real!! So check it out yall!!

Download Here

Gatekeepers - Crate Classics 1

Let's get back to what we call hip hop!!! Yo my man Brandan over at Recognize the real was pumping the Gatekeepers tapes and as promised I decided to bless you with a few of my own!! Jasey Jase was doing a little something something on these tapes!! Probably got slept on in my opinion the Gatekeepers generated quite a few nice mixes both hip hop and R&B I have both scattered around but for now heres a drop!!

Download here

Monday, March 9, 2009

Millineum All Stars

Now that's more like it!I saved this one for all of the mixtape bandits S.O..U.L, Tapemasta, Brandan, Andyman, DJ Marioka, Dirty Waters, Todd1, Gildog, etc. If I missed you I got more coming so I'll shout you out at some point! Okay let me say this Tony Touch killed it on the first set man when he hit that Canibus and Rakim joint I was done and this tape came out before 2000B.C. came out so I was expecting to here this mixed version on the album but they didn't use it why I ask? This was a good follow up to Deadly Venoms which was the best All Star collab to me I would've threw that in but it's been posted so much I didn't think it was necessary but this was!! Don't ever say I didn't give you nothin!!

Download Here

Tape kingz 15th Anniversary

Keeping up on the pace with the bass all in your face!! I'm still repping them Tape Kingz bangerz yall. Here's another anniversary All Star jammy with most of your favorite DJ's. Gotta tell you this is more of a collectors type of mixtape for me as it didn't do much for me!! This is a later tape during the hip hop transformation!! i don't have much to say but it is a milestone for Tape Kingz!!

Download Here

Funkmaster Flex - Live at the Planet Rock pt1

This one goes out to you, you and yours!! I believe this might've been posted some where a while back I can't remember but here's the one from my collection!! Tape Kingz was known for dropping bombs some of the best mixtapes came out by way of the tape Kingz and this one is a party special it gives you that feel!! Flex put it down for this party I wonder what happened to pt 2? Okay Okay let me come clean I bought this jarn because none of the major hitters was out, so I took a chance I was dissapointed at the time since I was looking for Flex to cut it up some and I was spoiled by Tony Touch and such!! So no at the time Flex didn't do it for me! I played it again about a month later in a more relaxed mode and got a party feel out of it!! This tape does in no way display all the skillz of Funkmaster Flex but offers a taste of how he rocks a party not bad hgh!!

Download here

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DJ Chubby Chub - Got Issues

Oh yeah and this one is for my man Tapemasta over at Pushin Tapes and Rap Mullet this is one of themmmmm!!!! Yeah nice one here I played this a lot too it was hot!! Good mixtape DJ's played not only that banging hip hop but them hot R&B tracks as well this tape kept me rocking throughout sometimes a wack ass DJ will f*** up a mixtape by providing new rnb exclusives rather than hot rnb's to keep you rocking this provided that I liked it hope you do too!!! Chubby Chub is one forgotten 4 sure too bad I only had this one and the one I checked out over at Rap Mullet!! Well here it is another sure shot!!!!!!!

Download here

DJ Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong - Murda Mixtape 3

Well I had this baby ready to go as soon as I seen Tapemasta post 4 and 5, however over there at Diggers Union he posted this a couple of days ago but I since I went to the trouble of uploading it I said hell I will post it anyway!! I liked this tape it had a flare to it not to mention the LOX was crazy at that time!!! This tape did not lack hip hop approval at all it came with it, after all Stretch Armstrong is on it so you know it's gotta be nice!!!

Download Here