Friday, August 21, 2009

Super Mario - Game Boy Advance series pt 1

Yo man I was debating on posting this joint 4 real!! If you were or are a D Block junkie then you got these in the pile somewhere if not then add this on!! Sup made a series of these tight joints mainly featuring D Block artist!! I loved them because they were hot and had them new D Block joints as they came out!! The artwork was tight but back then honestly I could listen to D Block all day they were the only thing keeping me listening to hip hop at the time!!!

Download Here

DJ On Point - The Takeover

And once againnnn!!! I beleive this was posted a long time back I could be wrong but I noticed there was no DJ On Point posted so I thought I would offer this one up!! DJ On Point is probably most famout for the Cassidy joints he put out!!!

Download Here

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DJ King Flow & DJ PLK - Street Explorer Mixtape

This here is from my man DJ King Flow Collaborating with DJ PLK to give you that old school new school type of hip hop!!

Side A :

01 Scientifik - I Ain't The Damn One
02 Big Lo - Come On Down
03 Saigon - Change Gon Come
04 Krumbsnatcha - Hidden Scriptures
05 Sunny Redd - On My Grind
06 Nas - Film (Prod. C-Sick)
07 Jay-Z - Death Of Autotune
08 6th Sense - Wake Up
09 Big Pooh - Calling
10 K.Sparks - Obsession
11 Angelous - Reminisce
12 Jazz Liberatorz - When The Clock Ticks
13 Lyrics - Overcome All Odds
14 K-Delight - Forever Hip-Hop

Side B :

01 Kool G Rap - It's a Shame
02 No ID - State to State
03 Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers
04 Big Daddy Kane - In the PJ's
05 Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good Life
06 Krumbsnatcha - Closer to God
07 Tupac - My Own Style
08 South Central Cartel - Pops Was a Rolla
09 Mobb Deep - Back at You
10 Fugees - Rumble in the Jungle
11 Cypress Hill - Men of Steel
12 Geto Boys - Damn it feels good


Thursday, August 13, 2009

DJ Wreck - 2003 Wrap Up

Sugichef often says 2003 was it for him well it doesn't get much 2003 ish than this hgh!! To the loyals forgive me for this but I got loads of these things and some just appeal to me at the moment!!! Rest assure I have more post 2003 that's 4 sure!!


DJ Wreck - Still the most hated 3

Yeah I'm still pumping the Philly heat gotta represent just to let you know we had some cats in the mixtape game too!!


DJ Boom - We Got Next 2

DJ Boom again coming with that hot sh**!! I was diggin this cover man!! Hope you enjoy I got more on the way!!


Everythings Back Up

Okay for you cats that have been trying to download the older post they are back up again feel free to download the music and if you wish to put it on your own site, DO REMEMBER WHERE YOU GOT IT FIRST!! The other thing is don't change my links without asking!! I aint gone front I need the clicks!! Every little bit with rapidshare helps! Thank you!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mixtape project blast off

OUHH PRESENTS: DJ BOOKS - THE JUICE CREW MASTERS OF THE SYMPHONYIt's about to go down the start of the project (wich is still nameless if you guys have a idea for a name for the project let me know). If you would like to make any kind of contribution to the project contact me at soul10018@gmail.comIt's that time to release the first mixtape for your ears enjoy

Well Well Well DJ Books is still mixing them off the hook best of's and who better to do one on then the Juice Crew now I haven't heard it yet but it stamped with a guarantee!! DJ Books has attempted to give you a taste of the legendary Juice Crew in one mixtape but if you know like I know another ones coming!! I am exceptinonally thankful to be included in this project amongst many who have respected the mixtape game over the years but more less the ol skool , this project is set to take you back and help you to admire mixtapes again and also to inspire mixtaped DJ's who are puttin in work in the present this is how it should be done!! We are hoping that you DJ's recognizable by the post we have put up in admiration of your music will come forth to get this mixtape game back on track!! And don't froget the man puttin this together my man S.O.U.L over at Original Underground Hip Hop go check'em out!! In the meantime check out this mix by Thieves Theme representative DJ Books

01. Masta Ace - The Symphony Intro
02. Masta Ace - Four Minus Three
03. Craig G - The Symphony
04. Craig G - Take The Bait
05. Kool G Rap - The Symphony
06. Kool G Rap - Road To The Riches
07. Big Daddy Kane - The Symphony
08. Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin'
09. Roxanne Shante - Intro
10. Roxanne Shante feat. Biz Markie - Def Fresh Crew
11. Biz Markie - The Vapors
12. MC Shan - Marley Scratch
13. Marley Marl - The Bridge Interview
14. MC Shan - The Bridge Part 1 (Blend)
15. MC Shan - The Bridge Part 2 (Blend)
16. MC Shan - Kill That Noise
17. Kool G Rap - I Declare War
18. Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz
19. Big Daddy Kane feat. Biz Markie - Just Rhymin Wit Biz
20. Masta Ace - Me And The Biz
21. Kool G Rap - Intro
22. Kool G Rap - Truly Yours
23. MC Shan - Left Me Lonely
24. Big Daddy Kane - Ljong Live The Kane
25. Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Remix)
26. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off
27. Roxanne Shante - Bite It
28. Roxanne Shante - Have A Nice Day
29. Craig G, Glamorous, Kool G Rap, MC Percy & Roxanne Shante - Juice Crew All Stars
30. Dimples D - Sucker DJ's
31. Craig G - Duck Alert
32. Masta Ace - The Music Man
33. Kool G Rap - It's A Demo
34. Masta Ace, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap - The Symphony Pt. 2
35. Biz Markie - The Dedication Outro

Download DJ Books