Sunday, May 31, 2009

DJ Arson - Where the Party at 2K

Hgh!!What!! Yeah!! DJ Arson was on fire with this series Tapemaster posted a couple over on his site not sure if this was one of them so I'm taking a chance!! These were nice well rounded mixtapes giving you a little bit of this and a little bit of that but rocking nice concept!!


Sickamore & Just Blaze - Manhunt Search for Sickamore

I just thought I would drop a few more on ya!! These next post were some selections I pulled up to see where everyone was at !! No special order just some descent tapes or names we might remember!! This one I wasn't blown away with but Sikamore was hot on the scene and had some sick ass covers on his CD's!! He collabed with Just Blaze on this one and we no Just Blazzzzzzzeee!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

DJ Wreck - Let's have it pt 1

"I apologize. Oh yeah, and uh, can I have your autograph for me and my grandma?" That's how I'm livin': all surprise mode. Don't even sleep, try not to keep your eyes closed." - Craig G

Yo peep this I got another shit load of Dj Wreck joints and guess what they are double cassettes as well, I told you when Slay raised the bar every body had to up their game!! Again Wreck dropped exclusives but always repped the upcoming Phily artist much like Cosmic Kev since it was a rarity that you were heard outside of Philly besides the usual suspects!! I think the audio quality is good on this one although they came from the same source as the last Armands records but if not I got more so check it out!!

Let's Have it pt 1

DJ Wreck - Niggaz Done Started Somethin

Yeah I put it back up again!! Brandan I think this was a defect or basically a f***** up copy what a lot of cats did was get a master and dub em then sell them !! This one somebody must've been smoking some of that sticky and forgot to adjust some sh**, none the less the tape is nice and if you got technical skills you might can lower the bass on the one side!! So for those that didn't get it the first time here it is again!! Philly's own!!!


Cosmic Strictly Skillz Kev - The Best of Beenie

Yo I came to bang yall with some more Philly joints! Bang Bang Sigel street gang!! Let me tell you this I honestly did not like Beenie when he first dropped, allright I hated on the brother! it wasn't until the Jada battle that I actually gave him credit not saying that he won because they both held theirs if I was a referee in the fight I would've called it a draw!! For a Philly artist like myself he had skillz for real but what seperated him was the fact that for many years Philly rappers were mediocre or trying to model New york rappers!! EST from 3 Times Dope was probably the best with his own style and now years later here was Beenie. I only wish he had've chilled on the gun play and put in work 4 real he was monster at one point. Well enough of the talking because that's set for a later date what I need you to do is check it how my man Cosmic Strictly skillz puts it on for the earlier Beenie Sigel!! Most of yall might remember this it was real popular on the streets but for yall that don't well !!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Original Gangsters pt4

Now this one goes out to all the supporters of this blog, I had this one ready to roll a while back but none the less here it is. I still can't get 2 of the 4 disc from Original Gangster 3 to the roll but I guess Original Gangster 4 will do for now. I got a ton of Kay Slay joints and now I know why I was hesitant to convert them, they are long as hell!! I tell you Kay Slay killed it by giving you everything as far as exclusive Hip Hop and RnB. He left very little left and by that time hot exclusives were the recipe to a hot mixtape. He simply tripled the output of his adversaries. Well you check it for yourself!

Tape 1

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Change is going to come

What's up gang, I've been checking around for a minute and trying to find an angle for a more productive blog and you know like I know it's a challenging position. Credit due to some cats that have gone strong over the years, and the newer blogs that's pumping it out. I will be going into my next gear and that's to talk about and post mainly old school hip hop as I promised in the beginning and leave the mixtapes to my affiliates. I may post a few on a couple of forums and other blogs every now and then but this blog will de comitted to old school hip hop!!! I thought long and hard and one of my decisions was based on the idea that I have paid for a cassette deck to convert my tapes, spend time scanning covers,and taking the time to post this stuff which I find exclusive and no one except us usuals talk about it. Look over at the traffic board and you will see how many cats fly through here and click away but never say a word and this includes fellow bloggers which suprised me I might add!! Where I come from I feel like a sucker man and I can't go out like that so I'll leave it to my other affiliates!! You see posting mixtapes aint nothin for me, what's old school to most is yesterday to me so the value of it differs I am a strong collector of old school hip hop jams from back in the day so I will be back on the scene strong with that trying to continue getting trades and promoting live old school joints and old school hip hop back in the day!! So thanks to all who have allowed me to contribute and have enjoyed my posts I hope you enjoy my next phase!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

DJ Bee - Ma Dukes Day Hip Hop

My man DJ Bee dropped this heat on us for mothers day!!So to you Moms that do the damn thing this goes out to you, to you cats that's puttin in the time and work with your kids 4 real this is for you. If you feelin your moms on this day this goes out to you!! Hell alll the mothers of the world this is for you!! And for you cats that have been sleeping on DJ Bee don't forget to gone over to his site and check'm out!!But in the mean time here is the links:

clean version
dirty version

DJ King Flow on EG Radio - The Double Up Mixshow (05.09.2009)

01. Cam'ron & Emilio Sparks Interview

02. Cam'ron & Jadakiss - Let's Talk About

03. Uncle Murda & Cau2gs - What You Say

04. Three 6 Mafia & Juvenile - That'll Work

05. Murs, Terrace Martin & J Black - Doing Me

06. Jermaine Dupri Speaks On Hip-Hop

07. Eminem & Dr.Dre - Ol Times Sake

08. Papoose - Black Mask (new shit)

09. Ransom - 100 Bars (new shit)

10. Max B & French Montana Interview

11. Slum Village & Marsha Ambrosius - Cloud 9

12. K.Sparks - Dreaming (Prod. Bobby Bob)

13. Method Man & Redman, Ghostface & Raekwon - 4 Minutes

14. Ice Cube & Peter Parker Interview

Yo this is from my man DJ Flow on his site Where Real Hip Hop Lives as you can see he's still puttin in work giving us cats we know and their new material puttin it all together!! If you haven't checked out a Flow joint before I suggest you do here is the link:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cutmaster C - Cutmaster C's Birthday 99

Cutmaster C - Cutmaster C's Birthday 99 Tape 1

Cutmaster C - Cutmaster C's Birthday 99 tape 2

Tell'm why you're mad son!!! Yo here I go this goes out to my headz that have given me support and hoping that yall keep doin what you're doin cause I'ma keep going!! Notice C has been requested a lot but not posted and I thought about it and said well if we are posting Kay Slay , Whoo Kids and Envy then why not Cutmaster C who I must admit competed hard!! He came with these double tapes in fact I'm not sure if he or Kay Slay was first but I got a few from him and Kay Slay, more from Kay though as he killed the game!!!This was impressive though as he bumped exclusives after exclusives of Nas cuts and this was before the album came out in fact some songs wasn't even on the album I don't think. This set also includes some words from Wendy Williams who at the time was being dissed by NY radio for doing what she was famous for doing back then and that's talking sh** and making a name for herself, any how she came over o Power 99 FM in Philly and yeah the B.S continued (Remember the voice). Cutmaster C hung in the game for a while and got a lot of claim to fame behind the True Stories series DVD'd and mixtapes and the Hood news mixtape series!! I myself liked him best during this time the late 90's but I can tell you I got a sh** load of Cutmaster C joints so stay tuned. This is a double tape so get your ears ready!!

Birthday 99

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DJ Cool Kev - Party Up

Again this aint one of them tapes that go way back in years but I tell you this is a hell of a party!! You can play this at a party and get away with it!! DJ Cool Kev has an impressive resume go on over to Cool Kev's site and check em out!! In the mean time get ready to party!!

Cool Kev

P Nice & DJ Precise - All About The Benjamins

What yall wanna do? Wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers? Yo I'm back and this is one I played the hell out of simply because it was hot!! For me when it came to mixtapes it wasn't always the skillz on the 1's and 2's that made the tape great it was the skillz to put together a nice selection a play rotation and this had it!! Plus some hot sh** I had a couple P-Nice collabos around but this was one of my favorites!!Check it out for yourself and get aback at me!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just about ready

What's up gang me and Jada made contact and he reposted and gave a shout out!! Also offered to post mixtapes I wanted posted on their site with shout out of course!! I am still working on some things and appreciate all the great feedback!! I plan to continue on so look out for me I got much more in store! I was just on a roll and now I got tapes sitting here waiting to be converted!! I gotta get the fever for the flavor again if you know what I mean but I will be dropping some hot stuff soon. I also want to offer my apologies for the language I used at the time, I'm not the most religous cat but I do live by some spiritual principles today, not to mention I have a pretty descent vocabulary! I also hope that this type of stuff doesn't curve your enthusiasm!! Many of my affiliates have faced this time in and time again ever since I first started travelling through the blogesphere. It's a pain in the behind to have your stuff swiped but we are on a bigger mission!! I need to say I'm not against people posting my stuff just give me my props!!!