Sunday, May 17, 2009

Change is going to come

What's up gang, I've been checking around for a minute and trying to find an angle for a more productive blog and you know like I know it's a challenging position. Credit due to some cats that have gone strong over the years, and the newer blogs that's pumping it out. I will be going into my next gear and that's to talk about and post mainly old school hip hop as I promised in the beginning and leave the mixtapes to my affiliates. I may post a few on a couple of forums and other blogs every now and then but this blog will de comitted to old school hip hop!!! I thought long and hard and one of my decisions was based on the idea that I have paid for a cassette deck to convert my tapes, spend time scanning covers,and taking the time to post this stuff which I find exclusive and no one except us usuals talk about it. Look over at the traffic board and you will see how many cats fly through here and click away but never say a word and this includes fellow bloggers which suprised me I might add!! Where I come from I feel like a sucker man and I can't go out like that so I'll leave it to my other affiliates!! You see posting mixtapes aint nothin for me, what's old school to most is yesterday to me so the value of it differs I am a strong collector of old school hip hop jams from back in the day so I will be back on the scene strong with that trying to continue getting trades and promoting live old school joints and old school hip hop back in the day!! So thanks to all who have allowed me to contribute and have enjoyed my posts I hope you enjoy my next phase!!


  1. I hear what you saying about the no comments & i've also slowed up on what i put up now..i don't have a problem either about what i drop.
    I really think hard on dropping my tapes though because those are what the people is missing..The cds isn't a problem to drop !! I personally change the counter number on my blog so people don't know how many people get on my blog ( but the box shows people from all over )..I get alot of emails now & that could be a good light to see..But i truly understand what you say !! Keep on doing your thing !! I've been getting alot of positive emails & i'm sure you'll get yours soon !! I'm behind you all the way !!

  2. No doubt Tapemaster I get emails from the family much that existed long before I started a blog!! I'ma do my thing no matter what it's how I'm doing it is what's changing the most!!Just way too many leeches 4 real!!

  3. I know what your feeling Olskool. I was thinking the same why the f*ck am i putting so many work in posting tapes & everybody is only leeching and not leaving any comment. I'm also to blame i don't comment that much like you guys that's cause it's difficult for me to express myself in English.
    But on the otherside if i didn't go thru with my blog i never met my fam. (You, Tapemasta, Brandan (don't stop with your blog), Ogbeez, Gildog, Andy187, DJ Books, 238Beats & many others) and got to know so much about DJ's, mixtapes & the history that i never knew.
    So for me the comments aren't all that getting to know you guys, getting the respect & talking about the love for hip hop is what kept me going. About going another way with your blog i got your back. I remember the stories about real Old School hip hop from you in my comments can't wait to hear more.

  4. Damn, S.O.U.L. said exactly how i feel..I started my blog i knew there was more than Mixtape Mondays or Thursday because i had the joints myself..But the clic made me go strong with it..I'm an avid Mixtape Junkie & true to the's a part of hip hop, which in turn is my contribution to hip hop again. It'll never die because of people like yourself & others..Some people can be brainwashed but everythng always come back full circle..i'm a true beleiver of that !! The desire is in you & that's what makes you unique in what you do..I've been in hip hop well over 25 years, so i seen alot & know people like yourself don't come around alot. Once again, continue to do your thing & don't stop because the fam is coming to get you & bring you back to this crazy blog !!
    Brandan, don't make me come after you..Don't what you do either..OG, you know whats up..Also Gildog, when dropped that Isley Brothers for me, then the Whispers live..I was hooked on this..Once again, i'm ranting but you know what i'm talking !! I'm done for now..

  5. Once again I don't want to discourage anyone and I'm careful not to suggest that I'm givng it up!! I enjoy the blog world especially this part of it,this is so remininscing of hip hop today hgh!! This big Global market with a handful of true headz!!I totally agree if it weren't for you guys I would never had entertained the thought of starting a blog in the first place, You guys truly keep me inspired and I visit tons of other blogs, all old school hip hop mostly, some with in depth stories, some with juicy tidbits, some with live sh**, some posting vinyl, etc. But I like the flavor of the mixtape blogs what's even better is I can contribute and I still will maybe a couple of times a month or so, but I will be regularly writing stories and posting stuff related to old school hip hop you probably won't miss a beat since I like to mix it up a bit anyway!!

  6. People not leaving comments is just one of those things bloggers need learn to live with. It's disappointing and frustrating at times but that's the nature of the blogosphere.

    On another note have you read alot comments people leave on much commented sites? Many of it is pretty superficial "nice mix..thanks" or somebody will a leave comment mentioning something not related to post and then somebody else will comment on that and a battle of words ensues. Go on any site with pages of comments and half of them you will find has nothing to do with post. lol

    Just people arguing for the sake of arguing. Empty heads Long tongues as Bruce Lee would say.

    Anyway I look forward to see what old school joints you post. It's gonna be cool to see if I can remember the joints. I'm sure you'll post some joints I forgot about and thought I would never hear again.

    Peace & Blessings

  7. Ha! ha! Yeah you got a point Hamza!!!

  8. Yea i'd say do this because you want to, not because you want validation from readers. Most people in life are greedy unappreciative fucks, same online, so fuck em. Know that you are doing something positive and great for you and for Hip Hop knowledge.

    I don't have much time to dedicate anymore myself, I have so much shit jumping off in real life. I battle with this debate if its worth blogging, thats why I got advertizers involved, try and earn a lil cheddar from the leechers seems fair.

  9. Man, I remember doing a google search about 6 months ago looking for some Tony Touch and it landed me at Brandon's spot. And now I have a huge family.Guys I remember going to those mitape shops paying $10.00 a pop for those mixtapes. I really never had much so every tape I bought it hurt but if I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing. So for me to say thank you for gold you guys supply is the least I can do. I try to say thank you for everything I take and sometimes I forgot but I try, but I know its really important. Olskool I really feel you. I can imagine how long it takes to convert a tape. And for your time and effort the least I can say is thank you. Even though I can't contribute much (Hopefully Freeze will come around)I would if I could. You guys really hold me down.Thanks for every single drop!!!! Shout out to Tapemasta(You Are Incredible) SOUL (U Got SOUL!!!!),Brandon (Thank God for Google, you are the best!), 238(Stayin Buzy!),Andy(My Man)
    OGBeez(From High school to the NBA), TapeDigger(First Round Draft Pick), DJMarioka(Spreading Hip Hop all over the world), DJPos2(keep doing your thing. Last but not least you Olskool. I reaaly believe you are as real as they come and it is a pleasure to rap about the thing we both love which is hip hop. Thanks again!!!!

  10. I have run a bunch of different sites over the years and most people are just too shy to post. It's maybe 10% of the traffic that you get is willing to even say thanks.

    You could always try cross posting to other communities to get more traffic from people who care. The user the finds your post from Google doesn't care much about your site. But loyal users who know what how much goes into what you're doing will take the time to say thanks.

  11. Makes a lot of sense Greg!!Gil thank you for your honesty and your contributions when I first started blogging I was searching for lost records and albums Old School Hip hop with Phunky Junction and the rest of the crew provided all the records I needed then their was Bust the facts and And it don't stop who gave me heaven Jimmy and Dread really was puttin it on and so was Dr. Ok they will forever be my peeps no doubt. But what they also did was go private and invited me not because I contributed music but because I always said thanks and offered persona info on the albums and records I downloaded! Gil thanks for that because many people come on the internet and say they are this and that but I have to tell you I am the real Hip Hop born since 79 man, and I thank all of you cats who believe in that!! But don't believe me chekc out the comments I've given over the years on various sites, it aint made up I know my wife wishes it was though!!

    When I make these type of post they are rather abrubt, however I don't mean the fam and trust me you know who you are!! There are some wonderful cats out there!!I do agree we will never rid the world of leechers but we can make them work harder to leech!! My site is open I made it that way just sometimes the direspect gets to you, hell I work in the human service field and I be damn if yall they aint making me the bi polar blogger Ha!Ha! I won't stop the mixtape piece but I will be doing some other stuff in between, I really have a lot of stuff I want to post and as long as this share thing stays alive I will!! I dont' claim to be the Tapemaster hell I dont' think none of us can claim that title except the original Pushin tapes man but I got some sh** as well as the fam!!