Tuesday, December 6, 2011

R.I.P Tommy Hill (RAM Squad)

We was talking about this at work on Saturday but I didn't know the name of the guy shot up at Rubens. Then yesterday I heard it was Tommy Hill aka Tommy Butta from the Ram Squad. I read a few stories on some of the other sites but some of the opinions were very negative. Tommy was arrested a while back for selling drugs and had strong ties will Joey Melino of the Philadelphia MOB who was arrested as well. Tommy gave up the tapes on just about everything he knew, when he was released a couple years ago he apparently moved and wanted to help youngsters coming up, seems like he got in some trouble out in Atlanta. My honest opinion is that he had no business in Philly what so ever. Rubens is in the Mt Airy section of the city a descent area that has had it share of increased crime over the years but nothing like the hood. Rubens is a pretty respectable spot.

RAM Squad repped North Phila since they were straight out of the once Notorious Richard Allen Projects. Tommy had the best flow and notoriety of the group members in fact they once challenged Mase when he was here in town check out that Cory AK joint I posted a while back and you can check that battle out. If you slept on RAM Squad check out their 1st album and Streets of Rage will might help you get familiar. Any how I want to offer condolensces to Tommy's family. R.I.P TOMMY HILL