Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dj Hakim AKA Cutmaster D.C. - Love Life 3

Hittin you from all angles!! Let me tell you all the DJ Hakim joints I have are hot!! He has nice lineups and delivers them on point. Until a month ago I never knew this was Cutmaster D.C. my man Tapemaster put us down with that which made this even sweeter. So I decided to post a few since these are very hard to find!! In fact I was looking for the missing ones I don't have!!

Love Life 3

DJ F Sharp - Top Ten Dead or Alive (Pioneer Edition)

Does it get any better than this? Five of the best to ever do it!! All five made paved the way for lyrics and flows today, it's nothing like hearing them all on one CD!! I only wish this had better quality but what to expect when you cop them bootlegs!! yeah I grabbed this one from my boy and I played it a minute nothing special as far as mixing skills but F Sharp gets points for concepts he did a few of these I believe a couple of R&B cats as well. I have a few in the vault myself!!

F Sharp

DJ Wreck - Let's have it pt 7

Ugh Hgh!! OOOOOOh Yeah I'm bringing it 4real!! if you like the others then take this too it's more hot sh** repping Philly DJ Wreck!! And oh yes there will be more!!!

DJ Wreck - Let's have it pt 6

Hey I'm back with them Wreck joints again!!! I moved up a notch to pt 6 and 7 I have a couple from the earlier ones on tapes I haven't converted yet they were Double tapes. Dj Wreck was consistent at one point dropping tapes by the weeks competing in that tough exclusives market!!!

pt 6

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DJ Doggtime - My favorite Joints V

Oh yeah one of them diamonds in the ruff here!! I wish I had the other 4 I think I got one or two of them from another site, I gotta check I think Marioka posted a couple!! Any how for you old schoolers that need that fix check it out Doggtime straight mixing in the hits no blends, and if you love Doggtime I'm not sure if that's good or bad because he is one of the tops in the blend game!!


Dj MC - Pete Rock vs DJ Premier

Let's not slow up with the flow!! Pickin up on the pace with the bass all in your face!! Yo this is one of my favorites they rock some heat from both of these two who happen to be on my fav DJ/Producer list!! This is one that can't miss!! A must hear you will play this again and again!!!


DJ 4our 5ive - Jada Kiss

"Police at my door warrant in hand, telling me to stop but I don't give a damn" - Jewel T/I like it loud. Yo!! I'm still coming since this don't require no diggin hell I figured I'd throw them in to keep it rolling!! Jada's wanna my favorite talents and much deserving of this DJ 4our 5ive mix of him puttin it on. Keep in mind this was like early 2000's sh**!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J Love - Underground Keeper

Yeah yall must've forgot!! Man J Love was doing his thang, nothing spectacular as far as skills but the artwork and the fact that he bumped the hottest underground mixtapes at that timeee!! He stuck to his guns for the most part and always rocked that Wu Tang, Kool G Rap,Mobb Deep , etc. bangers!! In other words he played that sh** nobody else was playing!!

J Love

Dj Boom - Sports Illustrated Tour mixtape

This young kid was puttin in work for a minute, he also had a few instrumental joints that was cool. I liked the artwork it almost enticed you to buy it !! He was also a supporter of Jin who was hot on the battle rap scene at the time!!

DJ Boom

DJ Kool Kid hood Legends pt 3

Ohhhhh!! I told you I was coming!!! Man I use to have a sh** load of Kool Kid joints I threw a lot ofstuff away a couple years ago never thought I would have any use for them!! Now Kool Kid had it going on for a minute. In fact he had a couple good series going, he always held me over until the real titans would come along!!

DJ Wreck & P Cutta - Kingpins

Back again!! Yeah!! This aint old either but it was simply a collab of two hot DJ's at that time of course repping Philly Dj Wreck and my man P Cutta!! Nothing fancy the usual 2000 exclusives and all! Something to throw in the pile I guess!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

DJ Kast One and Dee Bow - Blends Pt 1

While the logos speak for themselves the fact of the matter is this is a pretty descent party and blends tape they dropped!! I have a couple Kast One joints didn't get to many and Dee Bow I believe I may have came across one of his tapes however at a time when the skillz of mixtape DJ's were in question there were a few with answers!!!

DJ Kast One and DeeBow

DJ Silva Sir-Fa - The Rulers Back

"The shitz never end you can't touch my riches even if you had m.c. Hammer and them 357 B******" !! Hey Yo I'm a keep on with this Silva Sir-Fa thing for a minute!!This was the Silva one showing you his blending skillz!!

The Rulers Back

Dj Silva Sir -Fa - Wake up Call

Ha! ha!! Back again this time I'm here to stay!! Hey this aint old school by any stretch of the imagination however Silva Sir-fa is legendary in the mixtape game and has basically earned the right to put it on no matter what the year!! He was doing his thang on here as usual giving it to you Silva Sir-Fa style

The Wake up Call

DJ Fury - Throwback Party Vol1

Here's another one I pulled out!! I don't much about this DJ, the mixtape had a lot of great stuff on it there is one problem in it, I can't clean up the delays and I've used Nero and Shampoo it appears the pauses aren't track gaps from one mp3 to the next if they are well the programs I've mentioned would be garbage and they have done wonders for me!! If someone can fix this please feel free to do so but anyway here it is!!

Dj Fury

Okay I'm Re -loaded

Thank God for web friends , The Fam, and many other blog constiguents, who have helped me to take a thorough look at Privacy, Blog Expectations, and Desire. I do believe my expectations were high even though I knew the outcome. Tapemaster gave a thorough description on why he does what he does. I have heard that from countless others who have stuck to their own agenda and that is to educate listeners and share their music. S.O.U.L. made me think about how much I really wanted to do this, Gil and many others were simply supportive in whatever way I went. But what really made me change my mind was my experience on the other sites that went private. It becomes the same group of folks who comment and you don't get to share with the world, the younger generation doesn't get the education, ol headz don't get that walk down memory lane, thus defeating the purpose. You do not have to worry about me crying about this thing again. The only decision I will be making of this magnitude is to quit all together and I don't think that will be happening soon! I am back and here to stay things may be slow things may be fast but I aint going know where and there will be no more messages or threats to go private!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


First off let me say my peace to the responses to those degenerates, with that said, now let me annouce that I will be going private next week!!If you are not a part of the fam and have not frequented this site and said at least thank you please don't ask to be invited!! Fellow Old School hip hop bloggers I got you but anything out side of that there will be heavy consideration and I do mean heavy!! Until then enjoy the site!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some mo sh**

Yo this blog thing is crazy man!! Soon as I get the time I'm dropping some heat but I'm taking my time 4 real!! I am gradually slowing down man this thing aint as interesting anymore!! This aint one of them cry outs I'm done on that tip, I just wanted to express myself a bit!! We talk about bringing hip hop back when we can't even talk about it long enough!!! I'm convinced most cats are building collections, rebuilding collections, or just curiouus for the moment!!I want to give props to my man S.O.U.L and Brandan who have stood the test of time with the over demanding request shit and the assholes!!! For all the others it's all gravy man!!! I still attest to having a shit load of stuff that I probably won't ever get around to posting!! Somebody will some day but I won't lend my time to converting this stuff for the leeches of the world!!!! I got more than enough I don't give a damn stuff to post!!If you've noticed I've been posting about once a week or so eventually it will be once a month!! yeah I enjoyed this more when I was visiting other sites and commenting but I don't have the time for all that much anymore not to mention my desire has left and this has nothing to do with anybody, I'll be back to the forums mainly Old School Hip so if you want to hear me talk straight hip hop 4real I'm over there where the real hip hop is!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot 97 Old School@noon vol 3

This was nothing big I just liked the playlist!! I think my man S.O.U.L posted this a while back maybe over a year ago!! I stumbled past it and figured I'd throw it in the works!!

Old School Noon

Monday, June 1, 2009

DJ D Square - Old School Flavas

Now this is nice D Square is pretty well known in the Philly and Baltimore area for them club bangers he makes them shake that ass mixtapes my daughter knows about his tapes and hipped me to them but as you know that aint my flava so I was looking through some of my stuff making an attempt at organizing some CD's and I pulled up this one! i need to tell you I never played this and I had it for a couple of year now the cover made me thought it was corny but since my boy was selling them bootleg CD's for like 2.00 a piece at the time I just threw it in!!!Iregret not playing it though cause this is nice same ol same ol ol skool stuff just done differently, after all that's why we got so many freaking DJ's now hgh!!! Well enough of the chatter check it out and if you got some post em up!!!

DJ D Square

DJ G Brown - Primo's Finest Best of DJ Premier vol 1

Okay now I had to dig this one up !! You know whenever I hear a best of or mixtape of Premier's work I am always amazed at the resume!! This guy has pumped more heat in the hood then any other hip hop producer in the industry or the streets and probably never get his just due! I love these best of Premier joints because you can take a handful of his records and throw them on a tape and still have a banger no matter what of his you play!!Now DJ G Brown just so happened to put together a fine mixtape with some Premier sure nuffs so check it out!!!