Monday, June 1, 2009

DJ D Square - Old School Flavas

Now this is nice D Square is pretty well known in the Philly and Baltimore area for them club bangers he makes them shake that ass mixtapes my daughter knows about his tapes and hipped me to them but as you know that aint my flava so I was looking through some of my stuff making an attempt at organizing some CD's and I pulled up this one! i need to tell you I never played this and I had it for a couple of year now the cover made me thought it was corny but since my boy was selling them bootleg CD's for like 2.00 a piece at the time I just threw it in!!!Iregret not playing it though cause this is nice same ol same ol ol skool stuff just done differently, after all that's why we got so many freaking DJ's now hgh!!! Well enough of the chatter check it out and if you got some post em up!!!

DJ D Square


  1. thanks for this one, def in the mood for some quality old school, appreciate it man

  2. wheres the link? can't seem to download it?