Saturday, February 28, 2009 8th Anniversary mixtape

Okay I'm reloaded!! Yeah this one is around 2000 not the typical old school stuff but it's valid we often say there were a few good ones around and in my opinion this was hot! They dropped this one on me one week there wasn't a whole lot out , it was a collaberation of hot new DJ's at that time too many to list check out the list for yourself!! This was 3 Disc and one of the first Disc I bought I was tape man for life you know!!There is a lot of R&B and Hip Hop mixes!! So check out the skillz of some of the most well known DJ's in the game!!!Let me know what you think on this one!!Sorry I couldn't get the cover any better than this I'm working on some things I will hook it up soon for now just groove to these tunes!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lazy K feat Technician - Bless New York

Allright this one is for my main man Brandan over at Recognize the real!! A while back we were on this discussion of Lazy K and I remember you saying she didn't do much for you so I thought I would pop this one out since to me this was one of her best!! I dug this one for the diversity and and the dope ass tracks she put on!! I kept playing that Organized Confusion Bring it on joint like a mother!! Boy did they kill it!! Lazy K showed her ass on this one and I know it's been posted somewhere before but I dug it out my own to post it hell it deserves it!! So for all you who haven't heard Lazy K get down check it out!!!

Bless New York side a
Bless New York side b

Friday, February 20, 2009

Aint Got no words!!!

My heart goes out to my fellow bloggers who post like crazy and get no comments but leeches clicking eating away!!! Jazzy for instance a ton of hits no comments except a couple of my peeps on the chat!! What's up with the love fellows the same way you click download is the same way you click comments!! I will be determining in a week if I want to go private or not I might just do that!! My objective is to share with the blog community that has shared with me over the years and hope it would excite some real hip hop headz that appreciate old school hip hop!! I may even consider just posting once or twice a month!! The honest truth is the lack of comments doesn't motivate one to put in the work to post!! Soooo I will be thinking it over so it won't come as a suprise!! Until then feast on the last post for a minute!!!!

Big Chuck & DJ Todd - Hip Hop Live 97

Well!! Well!! Well!! Here's another one of them that I played a lot and I liked!!Didn't know much about these cats either however this is where I heard Hungry from Common first, and a pretty nice line up and freestyles!! I wish I had more to say about it but I guess you can check it out yourself!!!

Hip Hop live 97 side a

Hip Hop live 97 side b

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jazzy Jeff - Future Flavas 7-11-03

What's up fam sorry to keep yall waiting but like I said before good things are worth waiting for!! I was going through some CD's I ordered a few years ago off of ebay and noticed I had this jammy in there! I also had one from 87 when he was on a New York radio show can't remember which one but anyhow they sold me a blank CD so it wasn't on there anyway that sucked big time!! I'ma conclude my mixtape phase after this month and drop some ol skool sure nuff on ya but I may drop a mixtape every so often you know!! Brandan blew it out the box, and S.O.U.L is still killin it, add Tapemasta in and a few others and there you have it!! I liked this mix because it's Jazzy as only Jazzy can, he puts the right tracks together, I also like the interview however I would love to had been there to make that history of the transformer correct!! None the less you should enjoy this one and add it to the collection!!

Future Flavas 7-11-03

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Know Good Music

Staying true to my appreciation of blogs I found something today that had me stuck for about a half an hour or so before taking my wife out for Valentines Day!!Yeah my man A -One over at Know Good Music had a clip of the Kool Moe Dee concert out in Amsterdam!! I watched it and it was nice LA Sunshine was with him and filling in for Special K was Mike Ski of the Fearless Four! They kicked it yall you hear me these cats got to be almost 50 if not 50 and they kicked it Moe was hitting it on I go to work!! They even did one of their harmonizing pieces from back in the day! I was taken back 4 real!! Man I'm diggin now I got some sh** coming!! Stay tuned but in the mean time go on over to Know Good Music and check it out but do me a favor and please comment!!!

Know Good Music

Sunday, February 8, 2009

DJ EV - Hotter this year winter 96

Here's another one!! I'm still on some mixtape sh** right now!! Yo this is DJ EV this is my only tape of DJ EV I have seen another circulating when he got down with Stretch Armstrong I think!! Well any how this came out in 96 and again I was all caught up with the regulars, Clues, Tony Touch etc., and again my main man at Uptown Flava dropped this baby on me!! I played this one a lot yall!! He had a lot of new sh** at the time on here, it wasn't popular on the other tapes!! That NINE track John Dough was nice,the brief Rakim freestyle was hot!!!One of my favorite cuts the beatnuts find that sh** was on there!! he had some nice mixes as well I liked that Mad Lion KRS one track double trouble!! Bottom line this tape was played a lot in my walkman at the time!! So without further to do check EV out!!!

Hotter this year side a

Hotter this year side b

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Rob feat DJ Cliffy Cliff Vol1

Hittin you again with some sh**!! Okay I know you never heard of these cats before well let me tell you the mixtape market wasn't flooded yet and I was caught up with the most recent tapes so my man that uptown Flava laid this one on me!! Let me tell you I played the hell out of this one 4 sure!! This is one of my favorites I need to say!! I believe these cats were from New Jersey but what I liked was that they was putin it on non stop, a nice tracklist and flow throughout the mixtape, so I was not dissapointed and nor will you be!!Okay here we go!!!

No Tracklist

Big Rob vol 1 side a
Big Rob vol 1 side b

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DJ Hectic #5

What's up peoples!! Well I'm back to drop another hidden gemm on you!! Stay patient and stay tuned I have a sh** load of stuff just not enough time to convert and post everyday, but enough to feed your hip hop appetite!!

I copped this tape back in 95 from Uptown Flava in Philly along with Doo Wop 95 live, DJ Clue Spring 1,2,3, and Juice 27!! I must admit I do not know who DJ Hectic is since I never seen another one of his mixtapes after this one!! I checked around and all I can get is this Philly cat who is about 27 years old who calls himself DJ Hectic, given the timeline and technique in this mixtape I don't think it's him!! If anybody(Tapemasta) can elaborate on this give us that info!!Anyway it's an official and New York DJ as far as I know and the mixtape was nice in fact you might be suprised he hasn't gotten more noteriety!! And contrary to what's posted on the net this is the real DJ Hectic! Well any how enjoy!!

No Tracklist

DJ Hectic #5 side a

DJ Hectic #5 side b