Sunday, February 15, 2009

Know Good Music

Staying true to my appreciation of blogs I found something today that had me stuck for about a half an hour or so before taking my wife out for Valentines Day!!Yeah my man A -One over at Know Good Music had a clip of the Kool Moe Dee concert out in Amsterdam!! I watched it and it was nice LA Sunshine was with him and filling in for Special K was Mike Ski of the Fearless Four! They kicked it yall you hear me these cats got to be almost 50 if not 50 and they kicked it Moe was hitting it on I go to work!! They even did one of their harmonizing pieces from back in the day! I was taken back 4 real!! Man I'm diggin now I got some sh** coming!! Stay tuned but in the mean time go on over to Know Good Music and check it out but do me a favor and please comment!!!

Know Good Music

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  1. I can't front... I found that via I'm glad that my reposting it allowed you to check it out though.

    I gotta get on my ripping old mixtapes grind again!