Sunday, February 8, 2009

DJ EV - Hotter this year winter 96

Here's another one!! I'm still on some mixtape sh** right now!! Yo this is DJ EV this is my only tape of DJ EV I have seen another circulating when he got down with Stretch Armstrong I think!! Well any how this came out in 96 and again I was all caught up with the regulars, Clues, Tony Touch etc., and again my main man at Uptown Flava dropped this baby on me!! I played this one a lot yall!! He had a lot of new sh** at the time on here, it wasn't popular on the other tapes!! That NINE track John Dough was nice,the brief Rakim freestyle was hot!!!One of my favorite cuts the beatnuts find that sh** was on there!! he had some nice mixes as well I liked that Mad Lion KRS one track double trouble!! Bottom line this tape was played a lot in my walkman at the time!! So without further to do check EV out!!!

Hotter this year side a

Hotter this year side b


  1. Now i know we got to be related !! we even think alike now..This tape was put all over the tri-state area..Ev was really coming into his own..Once again, good release bro !!!

  2. His interlude on the Honda II LP was short but dope as fuck! Looking forward to checking this out! Thanks Olskool.

  3. Stay Tuned Mufuckas Ev's Got New Shit!