Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DJ Jay Boogie - The Day after tomorrow where will you be?

Well let me say this you won't be dissapointed at all!! I did not post the tracklisting this time but man if you like blends, mixes and to party this one will take you there!!Jay Boogie put in work 4 real this tape suprised me when I copped it, I didn't expect to get the skill level I got on there Jay Boogie wherever you at I hope you're still puttin it on man cause this is the only one I have!!

Jay Boogie

DJ L American Dream pt 1

Dig the artwork cause I can tell you by the time the 2000's kicked in I will be the first to tell you there were so many CD's flooding the market that sometimes I just grabbed something because of the artwork!! I say that because most of the CD's at that time had similar line ups so I either liked the way the DJ put it on or something else believe me I had quiet a few DJ L's so it wasn't just the artwork the kid was okay!!

DJ L American Dream pt 3

And thus another one I'm not sure if this one was posted somewhere already I didn't have time to check so for those that don't have it there it is!!!

The American Dream pt 3

DJ L - Dangerously Gifted

What's up gang it's your boy again dropping some more heat!! Now if you never heard of DJ L it's okay, I started picking up his mixtapes around early 2000's, DJ L was in my category a good fill in! What's that you ask? Well before Tapemasta and countless others hit us in the head with all these dope ass mixtapes from not so well known DJ's, many of us only knew the major players who sold more broader you know the Clues, Tony Touch's and so forth well DJ L and countless others wasn't that big at the time but I tell you the kid was consistent and when Clue and the majors slowed down it was cats like this who added their two cents!! Well I have a few I wanted to turn you on too just in case you didnt' know!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

DJ Whoo Kid & Green Lantern - Hate Us Now

You know what I was going to bed but I caught fire and decided to post this tidbit!! Yo the title speaks for itself and this tape is straight heat as far as what was put together at that time, Green Lantern had creativity and Whoo Kid was hot at the time!! Look at the artist that's on here and it'll tell the story itself. Makes you wonder doesn't it, can't get'em this hot no mo but change is gone come!!

Well if you were diggin that penny this my 2 cents, once again going out to all that's keeping this sh** funky yall know who you are, I'm going to bed right now so I aint got the time for the names!! But don't stop the flow!!

DJ Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong - Final Destination 3

This is to all who continue to kick out them mixtapes. I just thought I'd add my two cents so here is my penny!!!

Final Destination 3

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DJ Kool Kid - Hood Legends pt5

Okay here is one more now that's it for right now

DJ Kool Kid - Hood Legends pt9

Here's another one of them Kool Kid joints!!

Legends 9

DJ Kool Kid - Hood Legends Freestyles vol 1

Back to that Kool Kid sh**, Can't complain hgh, Again these tapes used to suffice me until the main cats came out!!Kool Kid tapes gave me a quick fix and deserves a play so check em out!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

DJ 1st Klass - Old School Hip Hop

This one goes out to S.O.U.L over at OUHH! This was the DJ 1st Klass I was talking bout!!! Personally besides this and the one posted over at S.O.U.L. site I never heard of this DJ!! I bought this with a couple other mixtapes, simply because it rocked that old school flaver and I am a sucker for anything with Ol Skool Hip Hop on it, even witht the same tracklisting , I am always interested in how the DJ is going to put it together!!
You know what I listened to this joint for the first time since I've had it and this joint is off the chains, just what we were talking about a DJ showing skills!! It gets very refreshing to here a scratch and a little juggling you know!!! DJ 1st Klass gets an A in my class man I like the way he was throwing down!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old School Mega Mix One

For anybody wanting that old thing back I suggest you click, watch , and bear witness to hip hop all wrapped up in 8 minutes. Ol Skool Hip Hop that is!!! Yo my man Phil the Soulman over at the Real Schitt added his seal of approval a few days ago when I first checked it out . I thought it was dope and was just linked up to that site a few minutes ago!!If you get a minute and you like discussions on the culture of hip hop, Old School Scholar is hot and got some interesting stuff they poiticking on over there!! So don't forget watch this video you old headz won't regret it and you young bucks will be rocking!!

Cutmaster C - Hell up in Queens Tape 1

And here is Tape 1!! I hope you enjoy and recognize that why my man KaySlay was poppin double tapes left and right so was Cutmaster C and DJ Wreck!!We all know the difference though if you don't you need to listen to these tapes and perhaps you'll figure it out!!!

Tape 1

Cutmaster C - Hell up in Queens Tape 2

Yo I wanna send a stupid shout out to Gildog over at All Soul and Funk, this is a two tape set with Cutmaster C doing his thang, one of the notable things about Cutmaster C was the Gangster movie skits he threw in throughout his tapes that was backed by the tracks he was putiin on!! Well here is tape 2

Tape 2

Hard to Believe

Wow this is certainly a shock to me! First Michael Jackson now the freeze on the blogs!! Aint nobody doing nathin, and I'm sure there are various reasons why. Never seen an internet summer like this!! Some cats are vacationing,some waiting to shut down for good, some tired of the dumb sh**, then there is the I have no idea why's!! If you look at my list of links you will know what I'm talking bout there is about 10 or more oldshool mixtape blogs and only two actively keeping the fire going!! I think I may be vacationing myself in a couple of weeks but I may still do something here and there!! I just can't believe this though!! What's your take on it?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DJ L & DJ Suss One - Memories 4

I was really hoping that someone had the others to this series!! This was a nice memory lane setfor you 90's cats!! This is good at a party as well!! I used to play this for a minute, not to mention DJ L is another one of those 2000 mixtape babies who kept coming with it. Suss one well I had a couple of his joints too somewher around but he wasn't as consistent as DJ L was right along with Kool Kid dropping mixtapes on the regular they were good backups when the main players weren't dropping!!!

Memories 4

Dj Hakim - Bluelight Classics

I got something on the way that will certainly help me out on the last mistake but this sh** right here is for the real ol headz man!! Yall know what this is. My man DJ Hakim (a.ka. Cutmaster D.C.) put his thang down on this jammy. Certainly gave you that old school mixtape feel when you asked your DJ to hook up a nice slow jam joint for you. Can't get no better than this and everytime I play this at a party with cats my age or older it's a winner!!! He had quiet a few this being the best in my opinion!!

Bluelight Classics

Monday, July 13, 2009

Arson- 98-99

Yo man My man at Uptown Flava gave me this when I copped that 3 Disc mixtape anniversary joint and let me tell you this little baby got played the f*** up!!My man Arson killed this joint playing some killer cuts from 98-99, you will love it!!

Remember where you heard it first

DJ Envy - The Sopranos

This was funny! Dig this! When I copped this I was like what the f*** when I seen the cover but then I looked at the tracks and I was sold so I copped it!! I bought most of my tapes from Uptown Flava in Philly they basically made copies of the masters so you never got them cute covers. Armands, sound of Market, and Funk o mart tapes sometimes didn't have great quality, but better pictures. Any way the most important piece is the music itself which I have so to my man who has been everywhere under the sun looking:

Remember where you heard it first

Sunday, July 12, 2009

DJ 4our 5ive - Best of Lil Kim

You know it seems everytime I go back to take a look around I pop up with another DJ 4our 5ive joint I forgot I had!!!Now look once again there are a million best ofs of lil Kim but this one was smoking and probably why I kept it!!

Lil Kim

Friday, July 10, 2009

Streetsweepers - Return of the Jada

Okay I guess you figured I got quite a few of these Streetsweeper Kayslay joints!! Well I figured I'd hit you with another one!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Original Gangsters 6

Yo man I told yall I got some sh** for that ass man!! For you web headz you know what this is!! I just seen it somewhere for what was a very ridiculous price and that's no disrespect to Kay Slay who was doing the thing!!!I feel insulted when a Kay Slay mixtape can cost more that a Live Convention album. Any how back to mixtape talk this was 6 in the series and as you can see it was fully loaded 3 CD's worth!! I can't front I used to love sitting back listening to all 3 CD's since he covered everything again I must stress Kay Slay cornered the market by giving you everthing that was hot at the time!!

Kay Slay

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DJ Envy & Lazy K - Sold Out

This one goes out to my main man Brandan over at Recognize the real. Here is the Camron you're talking bout kid!! And you this tape was definetly Sold Out when it came out! One you probably got on your list somewhere, DJ Envy was doing his thing almost following the Clue code to sucesa, in collaboration with Lazy K who herself had a noame in the business this tape was fire!!

Sold Out

Monday, July 6, 2009

Funkmaster Flex - Fastlane pt2

You can't bang 1 without 2 so here we go!! I think it was about 4 of these not sure if I have the others I gotta check but yes Funkmaster Flex was on a roll!!

Fastlane pt2

Funkmaster Flex - Fast Lane pt1

Now I believe someone posted this before somewhere I just can't remember, but this series was smoking and I just had to post it!! It's not old school but for some this is back a minute, around 2002 I think!! Funkmaster Flex was definetly puttin it on around this time blowing up Hot 97 with some of the dopest freestyles on the radio, I'm talking D-Block, Dipset, and Rocafella they killed it and he putem on his mixtapes!! i like Flex because Flex is Flex so enjoy!!

Fast Lane pt1

Dj Butta - Kool G Rap

Here's what I have to say to this, first off this is one of my favorite best of's of Kool G Rap mainly because of the selections DJ Butta choosed and the way he put it on I felt compelled to post this so that you too can hear this! Kool G Rap is one of the greatest rappers in the business if you don't believe me then you need to check this cats pedigree 4 real. DJ Butta offered a selection of his newer stuff at that time and some of the old!! You can make many compilations of a Kool G Rap best of to me this was different!!

Kool G Rap

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's that day

What's up gang it's 4th of July again in the states and time for that good music, good sh** talking, and good eating!! Oh yeah once again it's on!!! I wanna thank Tapemaster, S.O.U.L,Dr. Oketh, and many others for supplying the old school music I need to keep the party jumping! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and be safe!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dj Kay Slay -The Predator 99

Once again these are my classics of the month!! Now there you have it!!! Kay Slay the Predator a sought after mixtape of Kay Slays one in which he did one tape of Ha! Ha! For anyone that was down knows when he came hard they were double triple and quadruple features!! Well stop searching here it is!!


DJ Kay Slay - Thinking about you vol 10

Okay then moving right along here are a couple of them tapes for you to take notice to!! This was Kay Slay for the women yeah that's right Kay Slay, I copped this around 98 or 99 and it wasn't bad at all my girlfriend at the time used to love it!!

Thinking about you