Monday, July 13, 2009

Arson- 98-99

Yo man My man at Uptown Flava gave me this when I copped that 3 Disc mixtape anniversary joint and let me tell you this little baby got played the f*** up!!My man Arson killed this joint playing some killer cuts from 98-99, you will love it!!

Remember where you heard it first


  1. Ron G. forever, he's my #1 mixtape DJ, his mixtapes are legendary and so dope, I always enjoy them. :)

  2. Thanks Marioka I may have to agree with you there!!!!

  3. Olskool!!!! Man you aint bullshitin'. When you said you was coming I had no idea you was gonna do it like this. Don't get me wrong you was always tite but my lord. Aint heard nothing but the first 5 min and cerified 5 STARS!!!! Preciate this my dude.