Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old School Mega Mix One

For anybody wanting that old thing back I suggest you click, watch , and bear witness to hip hop all wrapped up in 8 minutes. Ol Skool Hip Hop that is!!! Yo my man Phil the Soulman over at the Real Schitt added his seal of approval a few days ago when I first checked it out . I thought it was dope and was just linked up to that site a few minutes ago!!If you get a minute and you like discussions on the culture of hip hop, Old School Scholar is hot and got some interesting stuff they poiticking on over there!! So don't forget watch this video you old headz won't regret it and you young bucks will be rocking!!


  1. Thank you, Brother, for the props! Let's lay this thing down right, and support real Hip Hop culture! We need to put pressure on sites and sources for watering down our lives! These cotton candy rappers need to cease.

    Cotton candy is big, pretty and sweet, but it can't nourish you; fill you; it's bad for your teeth; and leaves a nasty stain in your mouth. All you get is a quick sugar buzz and then crash! Peace to the real heads!

  2. hello men,greatmix only for djs. old sckool,very good.