Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DJ L & DJ Suss One - Memories 4

I was really hoping that someone had the others to this series!! This was a nice memory lane setfor you 90's cats!! This is good at a party as well!! I used to play this for a minute, not to mention DJ L is another one of those 2000 mixtape babies who kept coming with it. Suss one well I had a couple of his joints too somewher around but he wasn't as consistent as DJ L was right along with Kool Kid dropping mixtapes on the regular they were good backups when the main players weren't dropping!!!

Memories 4


  1. Thanks for this 1.........

  2. Hey man i know wht u mean i had the first two vols of this memories cd but borrowed it to a friend and never got them back.So if any one has got these please hook me up.Thanks outlawno3@hotmail.com