Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ Books dropping bombs!!

You know when I think of Foxy I get pissed because this chick had the lyrical skills and swagger to take this thing to a new hieght but her personal life did a number on her!!One of the most talented female hip hop artist out there and just can't seem to keep her head on straight but none the less she got hot resume!! Aint no Nigga is classic but I tell you when she first debuted on the LL track I shot ya, the lyrics were so tight I thought it was a little boy getting down!! When you mention top female hip hop artist you gotta mention Foxy I only wish that the battle between her and Kim would've been a substained recording battle but it really never concluded with any clear victor!! As usual DJ Books has compiled a cool tracklist to support Foxy's accomplishments

I aint gone front when I first heard Kim get down with the Junior Mafia I knew she had a confidence in her style that made you say who is this girl!! Well that girl became a women quickly and was saying stuff female just wasn't suppose to say. Her affiliation with B.I.G. was beneficial to the early portion of her career. DJ Books has supplied us with some killer cuts of Kims, I personally like Money Power Respect with the LOX. Crush on you, no matter what people say, and Quiet Storm with Mobb Deep that track catapulted Mobb Deeps career 4 sure!!

Hurby Azor had an impressive resume, peep that tracklist man and if you don't know now you know,my favorite joints happen to come by the way of Antoinette who should be mentioned a bit more in top female hip hop artist!! Hell Hurby had the ladies 4 sure!! Dana Dane and Kwame both found success behind old Fingerprints too!! I'm feelin this tape because just when we thought we covered just about every angle of the old school we're hit in the head with another reminder of the real. Props to Theives Theme and Dj Books for this concept and well put together tracklist!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

DJ King Flow - Workin Day and Night

I told you the boy was workin day and night, this is a nice break mix that will keep the listener interested through out and craving for more!!
01. Intro
02. Break 1 (Little Brother)
03. Break 2 (Buckshot)
04. Break 3 (Eminem)
05. Break 4 (Oh No)
06. Break 5 (Big Daddy Kane)
07. Break 6 (9th Wonder)
08. Break 7 (Son Of Ran)
09. Break 8 (Nas)
10. Break 9 (Kanye West)
11. Break 10
12. Break 11 (Shadez Of Brooklyn)
13. Break 12 (Jay-Z)
14. Break 13
15. Break 14
16. Break 15 (Gangstarr)
17. Break 16 (The Game)
18. Break 17 (Obie Trice)
19. Break 18 (Little Brother)
20. Break 19 (Xzibit)
21. Break 20
22. Break 21 (Jae Millz)
23. Break 22 (Snoop Dogg)
24. Break 23 (Pete Rock)
25. Break 24 (Red & Meth)
26. Break 25
27. Brand Nubian - Down 4 Da Real
28. KRS-One - Whats Your Plan
29. K.Sparks - On N On
30. Man The Myth - My Way

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepert pt 9.5 90min Assasin

And oh yeah one more of them!! That's right another one after Splash and Envy kept talking sh**, well smack your favorite DJ Kay Slay just exposed Splash and well you know!! It was doing this time that I realized most of these cats were scared to death of Kay Slay! Now during the Original Gangster series he interviewed well known gangsters and hustlers like Alpo which already set the mark that this guys was on some gangster 4 real. The Gangster approach was hype and the tapes was backed by some dope hot tracks at the time. The Streetsweepers theme was just that 4 sure he was cleaning up man!!!

remember where you downloaded it first!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Blazers

01. Watch How It Go Down (Remix)
02. Nothin Iz Real
03. Say It (Produced By J-Dilla)
04. What Type Of Money
05. Please Don't Go
06. This Is Hiphop
07. To The Top (Prod. Statik Selektah)
08. Pay Jay (Produced By J-Dilla)
09. How We Live (Feat. Nas)
10. Tight Pants Are For Girls
11. Talkin To God
12. Book Of Rhymes Freestyle
13. How We Rock (Prod. DJ Premier)
14. Made It Through (Feat. Ali Vegas)
This first young brother hails from parts unknown to me anyway Ha!Ha! Yo man this young cat has been puttin in major work and has been working with some major artist trying to get it on!! he has put together some great instrumentals of his own music and has given us tons of his skillz over the last year or so, comes in this game with a humble approach asking us bloggers to assist in promoting his material illustrates his hunger to be on top, and I surely hope one day you get there my brother, but in the meantime he is going bezerk on his site Where hiphop lives. This mix is once again highlighting that underground circuit with none other than Termanology so listen to the Flow man put it down giving you these dope ass Termanology cuts!!

This next cat hails from Ohio and has been puttin his thing down for a minute now visit him at The Bust town Stomp, my man DJ Pos2 dropped this mix of some new stuff that might open your ears again, I found the mix entertaining from the Cormega start until the fininsh.

1. Mr. Cee tribute to Mr. Magic intro
2. Cormega - Make it clear
3. J. Cole - Dead Presidents 2
4. K-V f/Royce Da 5'9", Pace Won & DJ Noize - 5'9 Won
5. skyzoo - penmanship
6. Guilty Simpson - Stress
7. vandalyzm & finale - watch n***as
8. sha stimuli, Freeway, Young Chris - Moveback
9. De La Soul - LA LA LA
10. Keyel - Cold Soda
11. Busta Rhymes, J. Holiday - Hits for days
12. Jay Z - Thank You
13. Royce da 5'9 - Oct. 20th
14. Ali Vegas, Torae - Lost
15. Raekwon - Walk with me
16. Fly Union, Willie da Kid - Great
17. Joell Ortiz - 50 for the people
18. Ghostface - not your avg. girl
19. Freeway - Blogger
20. Beanie Sigel - All for it
21. ARES - Ain't no way
22. Zero Star - Like me
23. Kam Moye - Lets be honest
24. Greenhouse Effect - Getting There!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


And you say!! I am excited when the true ol skool is represented there is a lot of respect for the middle schooland new school music it's not as often that we trully go hard on the true ol skool well somebody did and what a wonderful project to select a group of their calibur before the Roots this was the first hip hop band playing live and they don't get much credit!! This group dropped around the same time Run Dmc was on fire then continued shortly into the middle school era. So for you headz that don't know now you know this is part of the collaborated mixtape project so check it out
01. Hip Hop Band Intro
02. Showtime
03. Just Say Stet
04. So Let the Fun Begin
05. Gyrlz
06. Go Stetsa
07. Wordsmith - Interlude
08. Daddy-O - Brooklyn Bounce
09. Talkin All That Jazz
10. Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
11. Go Brooklyn 3
12. Hip Hop Band
13. Ghetto Is The World
14. DBC Let The Music Play
15. No BS Allowed
16. Stet Troop 88
17. Daddy-O - Flowin In File
18. Daddy-O - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
19. Bust That Groove
20. My Rhyme
21. A.F.R.I.C.A (Norman Cook Remix)/Outro
22. The Problemaddicts - What It Seems (Remix Produced By DJ ReMike)(Bonus Track)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dj Envy - That's Lite

And the saga continues here is more of the Kay Slay Envy battle!!Kay Slay won the award that year and Envy and Splash was pissed!!Again I must admit Envy was dropping tapes heavy that year and probably was considered but Kay was on fire too!! That was probably one of the hardest years too choose a winner most of the time it seemed clear.Any how check this out and I know you're cracking up reading the cover, yes this is the actual cover Ha!Ha!

Remember where you downloaded it first

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 10/4/09 (Mr Magic Tribute Show)

I just happened to check this out over at Altrap with DJ A to the L and it's hot so check it out!!

Download Here

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