Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funkmaster Flex - Special Delivery 3

And oh yeah one of them Funkmaster Flex joints man cant' forget Flex can we? Well this aint way back but it's far enough for some and maybe one you didn't have before! So check it out!!


DJ Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong - Final Destination 2

There was about three or more of these out, I actually like the first one best but this one wasn't too bad either!1 Bare with me I'm deviating a bit but this one was staring me in the face!!So for you heads that need to add one to the collection you might consider this one!!

Final Destination 2

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dj Action Pac - Get Money Nation 9

And yeah here's another one if you liked the last one! Don't forget to keep checking in I got so much more sh** to share so stay tuned!!!

Dj Action Pac - Get Money Nation 10

Okay peoples here we go again somethin not too old or not to new but somethin worth posting!! I thought I heard someone reequest some Action Pac on another site a while back!! I used to have a million of the Getting money joints both R&B and Hip Hop but I got rid of them, not for any particular reason just after a while there were so many others puttin out that I only kept some chosens, doesn't negate the work that he put in!! In fact back in the late 90's he had some nice R&B joints!! Well any way check this joints out and enjoy!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

DJ Kay Slay Clinton Sparks - Kill yourself

Another Collabo I don't know what year but Clinton Sparks wasn't too bad for that 2000 generation of mixtape DJ's he put together some nice mixes this one happens to be with Slap your favorite DJ Kay Slay!!


DJ Kay Slay & Cutmaster C - Get down or Lay Down

This is a late bloomer here!! I was into some Kay Slay Collabos and this one stood out since both of these DJ's popularity came out around late 90's early 2000's both were doing there thing at the time and the track list on this one had some heat!!


DJ Kay Slay and DJ Clue

Yo thought I'd drop a little heat this weekend!! I don't know much about the whereabouts of this mixtape I bought this one on the strenght of the names on it!! I'm not sure if this is a mix done on Hot 97 or a mixtape sponsored by hot 97?Any way take it!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DJ 4our5ive - Grown Ass Man vol1

Yo Old head! Ha!Ha! Well as promised here is the second one might be a bit of a change of pace for a lot of you but this is a sure shot 4real, you old headz know what I'm saying on this one just look at the tracklist!! This mix is hot so don't let the track list fool you he really did the thing on this mix! Allright before you start drooling here is the links!!


DJ 4our5ive - The Best of Old School Hip Hop vol 1

Yo your boy is back I'm not sure if this was posted already or not but here it is for your listening pleasure DJ 4ou5ive aka DJ K LA Boss EPMD's first DJ. I have enjoyed his Best of series and his old school mixtapes!! They got regular play from me , he has a few mixtapes out there and still puts it down on the 1's and 2's!!He has also put in work with some majors and traveled on tours!! DJ 4our5ive is a legend in my book first for the awesome cuts laid on that first EPMD Classic Strictly Business , for staying busy in a tough ass industry and making these dope ass mixtapes competing with the masses!! The two I'm about to post are hot so check him out!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Kool Kirk - Meth vs Chef (1996)

Yall been sleeping on my man Vas over at Schnoooklyn Zoo who has always posted some interesting stuff over at his site! Well here is one of them gemms that he threw in letting you know he's holding some heat too!! I heard this requested a while back on another site, I had the liberty of checking it out back in the day but here it is for you folks that were looking! Go on over to Schnooklyn Zoo and check it out here is the link. And as always don't forget to say thanks and comment!!

Meth vs Chef

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New York City For His Name Sake - Gospel Mixtape

Now before yall get all excited thinking they getting jiggy with it that's not the case this is an awesome mixtape of some of the hottest Gospel songs of early 2000 by a lot of great Gospel artist including yours truly Kirk Franklin!! You may be saying what's up with this Ol Skool? Well it's Easter yall and I figured I'd contribute something well after all the head bangers I play in my car every now and then I need to give praise!! If you are not Christian I understand one love anyway to whomever your higher power may be but this day is celebrated by Christians and here's something for you to treasure!! This joint has me ready to suit up on any day!!! So to my Christian Brethren Happy Easter and enjoy!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

DJ Boom Boom - The Best of New York City Club

Pickin up on the pace with the bass all in your face!! I just thought I would drop an ol skool 4real joint on ya!! I have no idea who this DJ is but I play this mix periodically, nothing fancy I just like the line up and most of these cuts take me back to the early to mid 80's mainly when I was popping and breakdancing!


DJ Swift - DMX vs Canibus

Man this was one time I should've said f*** the cover hgh!! Oh well any way back again!! Tapemasta this is the Dj Swift version I was telling you bout it was pretty hot over in Philly and may I say this for all the Canibus haters!! I was a bad battle rapper in my day and when I heard this kid I said finally somebody on another level he just went against an army with a hand gun f***ing with LL, and the bad decision to let Wyclef put'em on and made that wack as album!! The thing I hated the most was all the major mixtape DJ's especially Kay Slay stopped messing with him after the LL on slaught fearing Uncle L would black ball them too!! I was highly dissapointed but none the less this cat had skillz 4 real he begin that new genre of lyricist called the spitters and in my honest opinion was one of the best at it!! Canibus and Rass Kass are two of my favorite spitters their lyrics are sick man!! But this was no real battle, I mean DMX in his hay day could go but Canibus was in a class of his own but given that time fram around 98 99 he DMX was hot!! The tape is a nice put together set of freestyles that almost sounds like a battle a little bit!! And some nice cuts on the other side from both of these cats I tell you I played the hell out of this tape!! So if you don't have it here it is!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Justo Presents the Mixtape Documentary

Yo my man Andyman over at Records on wheelz was kind enough to bless us with yet more faces to put our favorite mixtape DJ's. So if you got the Mr. Freeze gemm then you want to add this to the collection as well. So go on over there and check it out and oh yes don't forget to comment!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cosmic Strictly Skillz Kev - Best of EPMD

Back on the Philly side of things Cosmic Kev did a few Best of series as well this one was hot he killed it!! Believe it or not I still have a few more Cosmic Kev joints that I will post some where down the line!! But for now sit back and enjoy one of the best duos in hip hop if you don't know you better ask!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dj Wreck - Philly Cookout (Old School Philly Hip Hop)

And while you banging that bust this!! DJ Wreck a Philly cat well noted in the mixtape game, has been puttin down for a minute now! Wreck was coming on strong around the early 90's and just seemed to maintain afterwards he is credited for some real interesting series however again I must admit in the land of the exclusives Wreck fell behind hell at that time Kay Slay had the mixtape game on lock so hard by the time cats like DJ Wreck and some of the others put their tapes on they needed to reorganize them. I have quite a few of his mixtapes many were out of desperations when their was none of the majors out, no pun attended! He got my attention by this baby here where I must say he did his thing!! I enjoyed this one so much I was web searching and couldn't find this anywhere I tore up every tote, trunk of my car, and any toher places I stored my CD's and tapes and low and behold I found it a couple of months ago!! Well for you Philly headz or those in need of a fix check out some of these gemms you probably forgot about or haven't heard for a while!!!

Philly Cookout