Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cosmic Strictly Skillz Kev - Best of EPMD

Back on the Philly side of things Cosmic Kev did a few Best of series as well this one was hot he killed it!! Believe it or not I still have a few more Cosmic Kev joints that I will post some where down the line!! But for now sit back and enjoy one of the best duos in hip hop if you don't know you better ask!!



  1. Ol Skool, i think we missing side a to this..The hip hop version of the cosmic kev tape is attached to this..I might be wrong though

  2. Damn my bad I messed up exporting it from audacity now I have to record the whole side again!! Give me a few!! Thanks Tapemasta

  3. Did not want to say anything... I just grateful for your efforts. But also glad u fixed it:)