Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ Books dropping bombs!!

You know when I think of Foxy I get pissed because this chick had the lyrical skills and swagger to take this thing to a new hieght but her personal life did a number on her!!One of the most talented female hip hop artist out there and just can't seem to keep her head on straight but none the less she got hot resume!! Aint no Nigga is classic but I tell you when she first debuted on the LL track I shot ya, the lyrics were so tight I thought it was a little boy getting down!! When you mention top female hip hop artist you gotta mention Foxy I only wish that the battle between her and Kim would've been a substained recording battle but it really never concluded with any clear victor!! As usual DJ Books has compiled a cool tracklist to support Foxy's accomplishments

I aint gone front when I first heard Kim get down with the Junior Mafia I knew she had a confidence in her style that made you say who is this girl!! Well that girl became a women quickly and was saying stuff female just wasn't suppose to say. Her affiliation with B.I.G. was beneficial to the early portion of her career. DJ Books has supplied us with some killer cuts of Kims, I personally like Money Power Respect with the LOX. Crush on you, no matter what people say, and Quiet Storm with Mobb Deep that track catapulted Mobb Deeps career 4 sure!!

Hurby Azor had an impressive resume, peep that tracklist man and if you don't know now you know,my favorite joints happen to come by the way of Antoinette who should be mentioned a bit more in top female hip hop artist!! Hell Hurby had the ladies 4 sure!! Dana Dane and Kwame both found success behind old Fingerprints too!! I'm feelin this tape because just when we thought we covered just about every angle of the old school we're hit in the head with another reminder of the real. Props to Theives Theme and Dj Books for this concept and well put together tracklist!!

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