Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hard to Believe

Wow this is certainly a shock to me! First Michael Jackson now the freeze on the blogs!! Aint nobody doing nathin, and I'm sure there are various reasons why. Never seen an internet summer like this!! Some cats are vacationing,some waiting to shut down for good, some tired of the dumb sh**, then there is the I have no idea why's!! If you look at my list of links you will know what I'm talking bout there is about 10 or more oldshool mixtape blogs and only two actively keeping the fire going!! I think I may be vacationing myself in a couple of weeks but I may still do something here and there!! I just can't believe this though!! What's your take on it?


  1. I don't know what the case is ..I just know it needs to come to an end.. we the public need updates

  2. I don't know why, OlSkool, I think people are vacationing, but I'll try uploading more mixtapes or videos in my blog, the MJ death was an impact, but the life goes on, although I'm listening to the DJ Premier's mix of Michael Jackson, now. LOL. :)

  3. Sup Olskool? Good question. I think we both know the answer. All of us have gone thru that. You drop something you know people like, you can tell by how many people download it and for the most part you about 5 percent on your return. People take and never say thanks. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of guys who are grateful but most leech. Thats hard to swallow until you just say I don't care I'm not dropping for them I drop for myself. When you get that mindset you can move forward. Thats where I'm at right now even though I need a break.

  4. Marioka you have given it up man I wouldn't even worry!!In fact a lot of folks have but I just noticed this drastic change after Mike!!My true belief is that cats are busy,vacationing, and just pacing themselves, either which way it's all good for me I got tons of stuff I havent' listened to yet and it gives me a chance to catch up!!!

  5. Hey Oldskool!
    Ich denke das Problem liegt darin,daß Leute überhaupt nicht zu schätzen wissen,was sie da von verschiedenen Bloggern "for free" bekommen.Du könntest,als Beispiel,die Komplette Tony Touch Serie von #1 bis sowieso posten,-meinst Du,es würden sich mehr wie 5 Leute dafür bedanken? Und wenn dem so wäre,dann wären es nur Deine bekannten Bloggerfreunde,nicht mehr,nicht weniger.Ganz im Gegenteil,es wird noch paar Leute geben,die sich beschweren,wieso die Qualy so schlecht ist,oder wieso Du keine Cover dazu postest usw...,-das sind Tatsachen.Wenn ich mir S.O.U.L.´s blog anschaue,dann ist er für mich der Michael Jordan der Oldschool Hip Hop Tapes in der Bloggerwelt.Fast TÄGLICH postet er Tapes,wo er,glaube ich,selber nicht weiß,woher er sie überhaupt hat *lol Ich erinnere mich an Brandan´s Blog,als er raus kam.Er war voller Feuer und Flamme!Lest mal seine Kommentare zu den Tapes,voller Selbstbewusstsein und Spaß an der Sache.Kurze Zeit später,was passiert? Angeblich fühlt er das Ganze nicht mehr,-er wird seine guten Gründe dafür haben,-mag es an den obigen Gründen liegen,oder hat er nichts mehr zu posten,-ganz gleich,-wieder ein Blog,der viele Leute glücklich gemacht hat,der aber ihm selbst nichts zurückbrachte.Tausende von downloads weltweit,aber ausser einer handvoll Leuten und einpaar Hatern war da auch nicht.Man schaue sich mal Tapemasta´s Blog an,-er hat dort Klassiker gepostet,von denen nicht mal Hip Hop Headz in den USA was von gehört haben.Sein blog wird täglich von so vielen Leuten besucht,aber auch hier wieder daselbe,-einfach schnell runterladen,kein Wort hinterlassen,und weg.Da soll mir mal einer sagen,mit welcher Motivation er eigentlich weitermachen sollte? Die einzige Motivation,die solche Leute wie er,oder S.O.U.L. haben,das ist die Liebe zu Hip Hop,true Hip Hop,-welchen es in dieser Form heutzutage nicht mehr gibt.Diese Liebe mit Leuten zu teilen,ihnen zu hören geben,was sie vielleicht nie kannten,oder je gehört haben,-das verdient allerhöchten Respekt! Auf ihre Seiten zu gehen,sich die Tapes ziehen,und wieder schnell gehen,nach dem Motto "wenn solche Idioten schon sowas geiles posten,dann schnell zugreifen,für was soll ich mich auch noch bedanken",dann zeigt das weder Stil,noch Charakter.
    Oldskool,Du wirst,wie Gildog schon sagte,nur weitermachen können,wenn Du mental über diese Thematik stehst.
    Thanks to Oldskool,S.O.U.L.,Tapemasta,Brandan,DJ Marioka and so on for posting those great jewels.
    I know you don´t understand any single word that I wrote,but I know that a lotta folks that visit your blog of course understand ;)
    Jeder,der Hip Hop liebt,sollte wenigstens ab und an diesen Bloggern ein kurzes "thanks" sagen,denn wenn man anfängt,wirklich alles als Selbstverständlichkeit an zu sehen,dann sollte man sich nicht wundern,wieso alles runter geht.

  6. I know what you mean Olskool been thru the same thing. One day the passion of posting is gone because of all the shit you get.
    I'm now getting back to the posting game :-) & i don't f*ck with those leechers & haters out there. I only do this for the fam. out there & remember it's not about how much posts you have but what you post. Rather one classic tape then 10 so called mixtapes

    Peace to the whole blog fam, Olskool, Tapemasta, Brandan, Marioka, Roreee, Mike, Gildog, OGBeez, Sugichefz, Step One, Andyman, The Tapemasters Crew, Tapediggers, Bzrwon, djpos & all the others i forgot.

    ps. Be on the lookout for a new mixtape project coming soon (you know what i'm talking about Tapemasta)

  7. Thanks anonymous I'm sure the fam thanks you as well for your appreciation for what we do!!I started to go private a while back to only offer these tapes tho the fam but I changed my mind because of people like yourself!!I had to look at why I do this!Me and Hip Hop has been married since 1979 I am a 4o year old man who has witnessed and performed with some of the best, I have dabbled in all elements of hip hop and was a bad ass m.c.You are correct my site will be posting all kinds of old school hip hop for now I am doing mixtapes since the people like S.O.U.L , Brandan, Tapemasta, Andyman, Marioka, DJ Soul,Big Chew, and countless others had really put their thing down, I vowed one day to it I got the opportunity I would post mines and here I am!! I knew some of the barriers to doing this since I was always a police to everyone else's blogs when cats was disrespecting or not saying thanks, however when it happens to you it becomes personal. The fam and those that do appreciate my post it what keeps me posting, lately I aint worrying about the ones that don't!! My man S.O.U.L has gone through it and rightfully so it's been over 2 years for him posting consistently over 100 and something followers and limited commenting it can get to you!! I hear he is back on track now sometimes you just have to gather yourself other times it becomes too personal since we spend a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to convert tapes. I truly can understand anyone wanting a break and I don't doubt they enjoy what they do, in fact i know they do!! I'm excited to post something not posted already and folks all over the world are getting to know what it was like whe mixtapes were mixtapes!!! Thank you man really I appreciate you ftaking the time to express your feelings on this.

  8. Hey Olskool,

    Thanks for your answer! Did you understand what I wrote? Well,I understand every single word that you write,or what rappers/singers are talking/singing about,but it´s quite difficult for me to answer in another language...,to find the right words,you know I´m saying? I appreciate a lot what you and the whole Mixtape Fam are doing.Like you said,it takes a lotta time to convert tapes and all that.Without people like you,I never knew of DJ´s like Ron G,Cutmaster C,or Doggtime.Where I´m from,it´s hard to find those Mixtapes.I grew up in the early 90s,but the only DJ´s I knew of were DJ Clue or Tony Touch.That might sound incredible,but I am not from the States,and most of the record stores here didn´t sell any Mixtapes.
    Anyway,thanks for sharing those jewels,and please keep on what you´re doing! Keep the Oldschool Spirit alive!
    Love and respect,