Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DJ L - Dangerously Gifted

What's up gang it's your boy again dropping some more heat!! Now if you never heard of DJ L it's okay, I started picking up his mixtapes around early 2000's, DJ L was in my category a good fill in! What's that you ask? Well before Tapemasta and countless others hit us in the head with all these dope ass mixtapes from not so well known DJ's, many of us only knew the major players who sold more broader you know the Clues, Tony Touch's and so forth well DJ L and countless others wasn't that big at the time but I tell you the kid was consistent and when Clue and the majors slowed down it was cats like this who added their two cents!! Well I have a few I wanted to turn you on too just in case you didnt' know!!

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