Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DJ Hectic #5

What's up peoples!! Well I'm back to drop another hidden gemm on you!! Stay patient and stay tuned I have a sh** load of stuff just not enough time to convert and post everyday, but enough to feed your hip hop appetite!!

I copped this tape back in 95 from Uptown Flava in Philly along with Doo Wop 95 live, DJ Clue Spring 1,2,3, and Juice 27!! I must admit I do not know who DJ Hectic is since I never seen another one of his mixtapes after this one!! I checked around and all I can get is this Philly cat who is about 27 years old who calls himself DJ Hectic, given the timeline and technique in this mixtape I don't think it's him!! If anybody(Tapemasta) can elaborate on this give us that info!!Anyway it's an official and New York DJ as far as I know and the mixtape was nice in fact you might be suprised he hasn't gotten more noteriety!! And contrary to what's posted on the net this is the real DJ Hectic! Well any how enjoy!!

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DJ Hectic #5 side a

DJ Hectic #5 side b


  1. Damn, you pull out one of those real classic mixtapes..There was only a few by this dj back then & he was doing his thing with the few he did drop..I might have 1 or 2 tapes by hectic..i got to look in the box & let you know !!

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  3. wow. i'm trying to find the same DJ Hectic that you're talking about. i have the same tape! i got mine in the bronx in '95, and it's one of the best mixes i've ever heard. i don't think that philly cat is the one either b/c he's all into trance.