Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jazzy Jeff - Future Flavas 7-11-03

What's up fam sorry to keep yall waiting but like I said before good things are worth waiting for!! I was going through some CD's I ordered a few years ago off of ebay and noticed I had this jammy in there! I also had one from 87 when he was on a New York radio show can't remember which one but anyhow they sold me a blank CD so it wasn't on there anyway that sucked big time!! I'ma conclude my mixtape phase after this month and drop some ol skool sure nuff on ya but I may drop a mixtape every so often you know!! Brandan blew it out the box, and S.O.U.L is still killin it, add Tapemasta in and a few others and there you have it!! I liked this mix because it's Jazzy as only Jazzy can, he puts the right tracks together, I also like the interview however I would love to had been there to make that history of the transformer correct!! None the less you should enjoy this one and add it to the collection!!

Future Flavas 7-11-03


  1. that was a hot mix i try to get every Jazzy Jeff mix i can and this one was fire .....good lookin on the post

  2. A mix by the magnificent I've never heard! Made my week, thanks!!!

    Any more Jazzy, Cash, Tat, etc - philly goodness would be appreciated!!

    Hey, any chance of a Singing MC Breeze post? Would love to hear Yo-lay-de-hoo and Discombobulated Boobalator again.....I used to have all those singles with the crazy artwork...

  3. In due time Mike!! I got some goodies coming!!!

  4. Thanks for this jewel Philly seems like they had the coldest dj's on the planet Peace.

  5. Jeff is a legend, he needs the Grand Master title..it's long overdue!

  6. thanks for posting this Jeff is a purist and a living legend .