Friday, February 27, 2009

Lazy K feat Technician - Bless New York

Allright this one is for my main man Brandan over at Recognize the real!! A while back we were on this discussion of Lazy K and I remember you saying she didn't do much for you so I thought I would pop this one out since to me this was one of her best!! I dug this one for the diversity and and the dope ass tracks she put on!! I kept playing that Organized Confusion Bring it on joint like a mother!! Boy did they kill it!! Lazy K showed her ass on this one and I know it's been posted somewhere before but I dug it out my own to post it hell it deserves it!! So for all you who haven't heard Lazy K get down check it out!!!

Bless New York side a
Bless New York side b


  1. I've been wanting to hear some Lazy K. I heard the name for years but never heard her spin before.It looks like a nice tracklisting

  2. Been waiting for somemore lazy k mixes. She was dope. Thanks Ol Skool!