Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Rob feat DJ Cliffy Cliff Vol1

Hittin you again with some sh**!! Okay I know you never heard of these cats before well let me tell you the mixtape market wasn't flooded yet and I was caught up with the most recent tapes so my man that uptown Flava laid this one on me!! Let me tell you I played the hell out of this one 4 sure!! This is one of my favorites I need to say!! I believe these cats were from New Jersey but what I liked was that they was putin it on non stop, a nice tracklist and flow throughout the mixtape, so I was not dissapointed and nor will you be!!Okay here we go!!!

No Tracklist

Big Rob vol 1 side a
Big Rob vol 1 side b


  1. sorry i missed the about you part.

    graffiti is classic

    i have links on my blog too

  2. I've listened to this mixtape, and it's very awesome!! One of the nicest I've listened these last months.

  3. Can't believe I missed the comments on this one!! Omega I DJ's many years ago. I was mainly a b-boy and m.c.