Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some mo sh**

Yo this blog thing is crazy man!! Soon as I get the time I'm dropping some heat but I'm taking my time 4 real!! I am gradually slowing down man this thing aint as interesting anymore!! This aint one of them cry outs I'm done on that tip, I just wanted to express myself a bit!! We talk about bringing hip hop back when we can't even talk about it long enough!!! I'm convinced most cats are building collections, rebuilding collections, or just curiouus for the moment!!I want to give props to my man S.O.U.L and Brandan who have stood the test of time with the over demanding request shit and the assholes!!! For all the others it's all gravy man!!! I still attest to having a shit load of stuff that I probably won't ever get around to posting!! Somebody will some day but I won't lend my time to converting this stuff for the leeches of the world!!!! I got more than enough I don't give a damn stuff to post!!If you've noticed I've been posting about once a week or so eventually it will be once a month!! yeah I enjoyed this more when I was visiting other sites and commenting but I don't have the time for all that much anymore not to mention my desire has left and this has nothing to do with anybody, I'll be back to the forums mainly Old School Hip so if you want to hear me talk straight hip hop 4real I'm over there where the real hip hop is!!


  1. DAAAMMM! Not you also. You had big plans with your blog getting it to another level
    This is really f&cked up first Brandan now you. You will be missed :-) I'll have to go and visit Old School Hip more often.
    Thanx for all the posts on here and see you in the comments (hope you can still find time to post something now and then)

  2. S.O.U.L I'm not going I'm just slowing down a bit!! I got plenty of heat coming I will just be dropping maybe once or twice a month!! It's hard keeping up I am extremely busyI always have been, I was just more enthused when the interest was at a peak and cats was fired up talking about these tapes!! Now it's just clickers!! Don't get me wrong it's a norm around the blogs but it just doesn't do it for me!! I don't intend to close down shop at all nor am I pissed at anyone!! I enjoy the blog thing minus that part of it!! The bad to this some days out ways the good!!!

  3. First of all big up for the work you putted in this blog.
    But maybe you had to much expectations in the people visiting your blog or the reactions you'd get.
    To bad it's just a small minority of people owning old school stuff who share but that's the reality of it.We still need people like you who keep this culture alive and educate the young ones .
    When i look at my country , France & Belgium, both countries had a great mixtape culture but most of those tapes are gone and lost because the people owning them don't share or only trade them. Creating a culture that is not about sharing and spreading it , so after some time everything dissapears. There are almost no mixtape blogs from France , a shame because they had a great mixtape scene .

    Another thing is people not thanking or giving reactions, clicking like you said. I think it's just the mentality of people today, they are used to get anything for free from the internet not thinking about the people behind it putting effort ripping & uploading, it's to bad , i think getting some recognition is a nice motivation but you'll have to live with that, or not but eiter way i hope people reading this get my point.

    I started my blog actually to thank the people like SOUl, Brandan,TapeMasta ,Marioka, You and some unkown people from whom i downloaded through the years , not to get some recognition in some way , but it's clear if people would contribute or just give some reactions i'll be uploading more. And i think more and more people would start to share ...

    Just my 2 cent,

    Peace out,

    Sami from TapeDiggers

  4. Sami you are absolutely correct about some of your info!! I knew what to expect from my fellow bloggers having some of the same hassles but when you start puttin in the work yourself and gettin that lack of response its a mother!! I don't need folks riding my tip or nothin like that! My expectations was that if I shared some of my collection that I am taking the time out of the day to post the least folks could say was thank you!! When you read the counters and link clicks and see the numbers of downloads, then look at the comments you say f*** this sometimes!! I don't care about these tapes and stuff really who gets them none of that I really would like respect!! Which brings me to Privacy you see on one hand if I go private it's cool for us cats who are down with the site already but for heads looking to go down that memory lane and can't then comes the problem!! But I can say this when I got on private sites I went to other sites and inquired and if you are a part of this hip hop blogesphere you will be heard!!