Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Original Gangsters pt4

Now this one goes out to all the supporters of this blog, I had this one ready to roll a while back but none the less here it is. I still can't get 2 of the 4 disc from Original Gangster 3 to the roll but I guess Original Gangster 4 will do for now. I got a ton of Kay Slay joints and now I know why I was hesitant to convert them, they are long as hell!! I tell you Kay Slay killed it by giving you everything as far as exclusive Hip Hop and RnB. He left very little left and by that time hot exclusives were the recipe to a hot mixtape. He simply tripled the output of his adversaries. Well you check it for yourself!

Tape 1


  1. props on this one. Yeah your right it would take alot of time to convert these two, three, four discs tapes. but you did your thing!

  2. Hey man that means a lot 4 real!! Because I believe I have a few more original gangster series I think some of the ones further up are on CD and I got the other series too I forgot the name of them including the predator. I got a shit load of Kay Slay joints but them tapes is a mother over time I'll do the best I can to get them up, Cutmaster C had a few as well!!

  3. Real talk, for real, I have been steady looking for this tape for like 8 years. You are the man! Someone should give you a medal for this drop.