Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cutmaster C - Cutmaster C's Birthday 99

Cutmaster C - Cutmaster C's Birthday 99 Tape 1

Cutmaster C - Cutmaster C's Birthday 99 tape 2

Tell'm why you're mad son!!! Yo here I go this goes out to my headz that have given me support and hoping that yall keep doin what you're doin cause I'ma keep going!! Notice C has been requested a lot but not posted and I thought about it and said well if we are posting Kay Slay , Whoo Kids and Envy then why not Cutmaster C who I must admit competed hard!! He came with these double tapes in fact I'm not sure if he or Kay Slay was first but I got a few from him and Kay Slay, more from Kay though as he killed the game!!!This was impressive though as he bumped exclusives after exclusives of Nas cuts and this was before the album came out in fact some songs wasn't even on the album I don't think. This set also includes some words from Wendy Williams who at the time was being dissed by NY radio for doing what she was famous for doing back then and that's talking sh** and making a name for herself, any how she came over o Power 99 FM in Philly and yeah the B.S continued (Remember the voice). Cutmaster C hung in the game for a while and got a lot of claim to fame behind the True Stories series DVD'd and mixtapes and the Hood news mixtape series!! I myself liked him best during this time the late 90's but I can tell you I got a sh** load of Cutmaster C joints so stay tuned. This is a double tape so get your ears ready!!

Birthday 99


  1. I thought the same Gil!! Cat's aint saying nothing bout it and I know this is hott especially since aint nobody been posting them!!! It's all good though!!!