Friday, May 1, 2009

Just about ready

What's up gang me and Jada made contact and he reposted and gave a shout out!! Also offered to post mixtapes I wanted posted on their site with shout out of course!! I am still working on some things and appreciate all the great feedback!! I plan to continue on so look out for me I got much more in store! I was just on a roll and now I got tapes sitting here waiting to be converted!! I gotta get the fever for the flavor again if you know what I mean but I will be dropping some hot stuff soon. I also want to offer my apologies for the language I used at the time, I'm not the most religous cat but I do live by some spiritual principles today, not to mention I have a pretty descent vocabulary! I also hope that this type of stuff doesn't curve your enthusiasm!! Many of my affiliates have faced this time in and time again ever since I first started travelling through the blogesphere. It's a pain in the behind to have your stuff swiped but we are on a bigger mission!! I need to say I'm not against people posting my stuff just give me my props!!!


  1. Glad to hear it !! Let's have some real fun !! Do your thing Ol Skool !!

  2. Word bro, just do what yo do best! Also I always try to credit the mixes I "leech", if I don't it's usually because I have either forgotten or couldn't actually find the original source but with you I always do. Not that I have leeched too many from you to post on my blog, I usually keep them for my own private listening pleasure, I try not to post the same content but some times there's going to be conflicts, usually with S.O.U.L.s blog, considering his and mine are fairly similar. You know my motto though, what's mine is yours, everyone can use what I post, I'm not fazed but understand when others are, all good, take care, keep up the great work and peace bro!