Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mr. Freeze's 12th Anniversary Party

And without further to do!! Thanks to my man Gildog over at All Soul and Funk, we got blessed with this gem!!So yall know what you need to do gone over there and hollar at em and thank em for this piece, he went to great lengths to get it to us!! Man wait till yall get to check this out for you mixtape headz who often wondered what these cats looked like on the 1's and 2's well here is your chance to peep them showing some of their skills at Mr. Freeze's 12th Anniversary party for all of you who don't know Mr. Freeze records is located in Raliegh N.C. and is famous for pumping them tapes amongst other things. Word is he had everything!! Gildog or some other headz can elaborate more on this but I tried to find pictures and I came up with one of the store fronts and I'm not sure if that's Mr. Freeze or just some cat on the wheels.

Here's the DJ's featured in no particular order Ron G, Lazy K, DJ Clue, Doo Wop, Backspin, Doggtime, DJ Juice, DJ Kysheem, and Billy Bill! Man all I can say is we should be talking soon I was skimming through and wound up watching the whole damn thing!! Man thanks to Gildog for putting in work to get this from Mr.Freeze, and no doubt a special shout out to Mr. Freeze for providing this!! So please enoy this and don't forget to talk about it!!

Mr. Freeze pt 1

Mr. Freeze pt 2


  1. OMG!! Thanks a lot!! When I'll go again to USA on vacation, I'll go to Raleigh, to see the store. What a mixtape paradise!! :)

  2. Man o man this is straight up classic material. thanx alot to Gildog32, Mr. Freeze & Olskool 4 posting

  3. gildog, olskool...thank you for this. watching right now.

    crazy! lol@backspin spinning with baloons floating around the tables. that's great stuff