Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DJ Chubby Chub - Got Issues

Oh yeah and this one is for my man Tapemasta over at Pushin Tapes and Rap Mullet this is one of themmmmm!!!! Yeah nice one here I played this a lot too it was hot!! Good mixtape DJ's played not only that banging hip hop but them hot R&B tracks as well this tape kept me rocking throughout sometimes a wack ass DJ will f*** up a mixtape by providing new rnb exclusives rather than hot rnb's to keep you rocking this provided that I liked it hope you do too!!! Chubby Chub is one forgotten 4 sure too bad I only had this one and the one I checked out over at Rap Mullet!! Well here it is another sure shot!!!!!!!

Download here


  1. Man, u did a good thing with this one..thank u & i'll look for other Chubby Chubb for ya !!

  2. Thanks fellows!!!Just trying to keep up and do my part!!