Monday, March 9, 2009

Millineum All Stars

Now that's more like it!I saved this one for all of the mixtape bandits S.O..U.L, Tapemasta, Brandan, Andyman, DJ Marioka, Dirty Waters, Todd1, Gildog, etc. If I missed you I got more coming so I'll shout you out at some point! Okay let me say this Tony Touch killed it on the first set man when he hit that Canibus and Rakim joint I was done and this tape came out before 2000B.C. came out so I was expecting to here this mixed version on the album but they didn't use it why I ask? This was a good follow up to Deadly Venoms which was the best All Star collab to me I would've threw that in but it's been posted so much I didn't think it was necessary but this was!! Don't ever say I didn't give you nothin!!

Download Here

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  1. DAMN! You got the most unique collection bro, I've been looking for this everywhere! I was just about to post 5 Deadly Venoms and this, like you said, compliments it perfectly. Keep up the awesome work man, much respect and to all my other fellow bloggers, sorry I haven't been visiting as much, you know how it is when you have a blog of your own, peace out!