Monday, March 9, 2009

Funkmaster Flex - Live at the Planet Rock pt1

This one goes out to you, you and yours!! I believe this might've been posted some where a while back I can't remember but here's the one from my collection!! Tape Kingz was known for dropping bombs some of the best mixtapes came out by way of the tape Kingz and this one is a party special it gives you that feel!! Flex put it down for this party I wonder what happened to pt 2? Okay Okay let me come clean I bought this jarn because none of the major hitters was out, so I took a chance I was dissapointed at the time since I was looking for Flex to cut it up some and I was spoiled by Tony Touch and such!! So no at the time Flex didn't do it for me! I played it again about a month later in a more relaxed mode and got a party feel out of it!! This tape does in no way display all the skillz of Funkmaster Flex but offers a taste of how he rocks a party not bad hgh!!

Download here


  1. Ol Skool, u did good with your current drops.
    Part 2 was better to me though..I had put both of them up on rapmullet last year sometime..The 15th anniversary was just to let people know what's up..i remember when we was putting it together...Dirty Harry stole the show on that one

  2. I'm listening to it, and it's very good!! Funk Flex never dissapoints to me, he's a so great DJ..

  3. I think that's where I saw it cause I remember saying I got that one!!!