Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gatekeepers - Crate Classics 1

Let's get back to what we call hip hop!!! Yo my man Brandan over at Recognize the real was pumping the Gatekeepers tapes and as promised I decided to bless you with a few of my own!! Jasey Jase was doing a little something something on these tapes!! Probably got slept on in my opinion the Gatekeepers generated quite a few nice mixes both hip hop and R&B I have both scattered around but for now heres a drop!!

Download here


  1. Good drop..Jase did a straight r & b mix tape that i'm looking for now..I'm sure you'll enjoy & he's a complete dj..

  2. I like the tracklisting. I remember most of the tunes too.I gonna check this.It looks good,real good.

  3. NIce nice Olskool more Gatekeepers