Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DJ Envy - Who Want What

I just thought while we were on them Kay Slay joints for a minute, how about DJ Envy? Nobody talks about Envy, Whoo Kid, and Cutmaster C. They were certainly in the race with Clue and Slay in fact we forgot all about the mixtape beef between Kay Slay Envy and Big Splash. Well I just happen to have a couple of reminders for you!! I liked the little battle myself especially the mixtape covers from both parties. I honestly didn't think these guys were in Kay Slays league simply because Kay Slay was a proven talent and was dropping a shit load of tapes almost every week with nothing but exclusives, however Envy didn't back down or should I say Splash didn't but they eventually got off that beef and just kept doing their thing. Man did I enjoy buying these joints!!

Remember where you heard it first

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