Monday, September 7, 2009

DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Streetsweepers pt 6 Don't Force my hand

Yo Holla at your boy on this one!! Yall must've forgot this was a hot ass series of Kay Slay when the heat was on 4 real!! He was pumping them out almost weekly!! Sorry this is the best I can do with the cover since it was a pretty messed up copy from the jump but I played this one a lot oh yes indeedy!! I was feeling the whole gangster/bully concept that he was on and their was tons of music to support it at the time!! Peace to DJ Manifest and Mike from keeping hip hop alive I hoppe every one has a safe and joyous labor day!!!


  1. i think the link of this one is not Streetsweeper pt.6 but Original Gangsters pt.6 (with three cds set) thanks to upload the Streetsweeper tape, big thanks in advance & also wanted to show you love for all your good work, peace !

  2. Don thank you I fixed the link yesterday so it's good now if you downloaded it before yesterday it is the Original Gangster's pt 6. Glad to hear from you!!

  3. no problem sir ! btw big thanks for keeping the hard work up on your blogspot, you did a really nice job ! but i'll be honest with you, i'm a big Kay Slay old mixtapes fan, so it's hard to disappoint me lol just wanted to you show some love & propz sir, really nice blog right here ! peace & see you for more