Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ Books - Das EFX The Diggedy Dichotomy

Bump skippidy Bump skippidy Bump Bump I got that old rumppapumpbump!!Ha! Ha! Yeah don't front on this one cause these boys was on fire with their unique style which was different but they flowed nice together. Well DJ Books compiled a dope ass mix of these EPMD protege's so check em out!!


  1. EPMD never produced anything for Das Efx, it was all done by their own producers called Solid Scheme. on Hold It Down they had a bunch of different producers like Pete Rock etc

  2. I guess what I meant was they were introduced by EPMD!!Thanks for that info I was so fast in posting that I didn't do my own homework!!

  3. yes sir...r.i.p. chris charity from solid scheme.