Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cutmaster C - Fortune 500

And I say!! Yo know two things here either I am the only one with tons of Cutmaster C joints or you cats just aint feelin him! Ha! Ha! This guy kept up with his share of tapes that had good titles and similar track lists as the others of his time, in fact, I usually copped Cutmaster C joints before Clue or tony touch tapes would come out and they did the do most of the time the thing is most hip hop mixtape DJ's were trying to keep up with Clue so they often sounded alike, yet there was something about a Clue tape that no matter what tape was circulating before hand, when Clues dropped it was money!! Cutmaster C had some heated up big time around the early 2000's and implainted his name for a brief moment and through out my posting of these tpes and CD's you will be hearing some Cutmaster C.

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