Saturday, January 17, 2009


Cosmic Stricly Skillz Kev - Vol 13 Skillz

1. Loud Hangover - Sadat X & Akynele
2. Rappers are in danger - KRS One
3. The Natural - Mic Geronimo
4. Do or die - Concrete found
5. Real Skillz - Real Skill
6. Temperature rising - Mobb Deep
7. Le Fla - Helter Skelter &OGC
8. Hot Shit - 215 Assasins
9. Respect Mine - Fat Joe & Raekwon
10. Build Ya Skillz - KRS-ONE
11. Money on the brain - Kool G Rap
12. Freestyle - Busta Rhymes
Freestyle - Methodman & Redman
14. First and Third - YG'Z
15. Freestyle - Kaotic
16. Get Money - Junior Mafia
17. Fuck all - Dogg Pound
18. Last Days - Onyx
19. Buck Buck - Das EFX
20. Last Ivory Son - Bounty Killer
21. Drop - Pharcyde

I told you I was coming!! My first post has to be my main man Cosmic Strictly Skillz .Cosmic Kev is a legendary DJ who repped the the West Oak Lane section of Philly from as far as I can remember around 82 or 83 on up!! His group was called the Grandmasters of Funk feat Perry P, Grand Tone, and Kid Destroy on the beat box! I need to say Kid Destroy was no joke on the beat box nor was Kev on the wheels of steel!! Kevs was known throughout the city and his crew tapes circulated as well!! I used to own a few myself!! They did many Blockparties School jams etc. The group split yet Kev was still puttin it down . Well cats often wanna know what was up with Philly before Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff well I'm giving it to you. In the 90's Kev jumped aboard the mixtape circuit and begin putting out mixtapes in which I have a few that I will be posting on this site! His mixtapes were different from the New York brand name DJ's simply because Kev was raw cuttin and mixing on his tapes!! One made famous was his best of series feat Beanie Seagel!Recently if you're in the 215 area you can check Cosmic Kev out on Power 99 FM where he runs a show feat the hottest new hip hop and new artist!! It's very popular in that area even caught beef from some haters but hey enough of the talk check em out yourself!!

Skillz 13 side a

Skillz 13 side b


  1. first follower and first post... and ithis site is about to become legandary, im very excited about this oldskool and ps your chatbox is broke

  2. Wow man congratulations with the birth of your blog :-) I'll will bring alot of my time over here & seeing your first post i know this is going to become a legandary blog.

  3. Thanks Tom I gotta see what's up with it when I get home I spent a great deal of time trying to get it right might be something minor but you best believe I'll get it right gotta here from the people!!! Good lookin out S.O.U.L I know you will enjoy this!! I will PM you later about a few things!!! I guess it's only right you be one of the first to comment hgh!! Just like old times!

  4. Mr Ol Skool, i'm glad to see to bringing the knowledge to the blog world..I'm going to enjoy what you put up..Cosmic Kev, that was a creative mind blast for me..I remember when i use to talk with DJ Ran ( Technitions )about how Kev was doing his thing..Let's have some fun, Sir !!!

  5. Kevvv What up man I'm from the Philly I used to intern at Power 99 back in the day. Good to see you still rocking the spot and holding Philly down

  6. what up gang... i'm feelin' the blog! keep the old school audio coming (especially those PHILLY classics!)

  7. Thanks Phil it means a lot to hear you give props my brother!!

  8. Dope mix!!! I'm listening to it right now. No. 5 is wrong thought it's not Real Skillz it's Real Live - Real Live Shit