Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cosmic Strictly Skillz Kev -Vol 14 Return of the madness

1 Everything remains raw - Busta Rhymes
2 Microphone Master (remix) - Mobb Deep/Das EFX
3 No Gimmics (remix) - OC/KRS-ONE/Lord Finesse

4 Set if off - greg Nice
5.Extra Abstracts Skills - Q Tip/Extra P/Mad Skills
6 Rip it Constantly - Big Noyd/Prodigy
7 U know how we do - Bahamadia
8 I shot ya! -LL Cool J/Keith Murray/Prodigy/Fat Joe/Foxy Brown
9 What goes up(remix) - Chubb Rock/ Mack Da Maniac
10 Murder - Illy Philly Funksters
11 Illedel Threat - 215 Assasins
12 Buy you some - Eric Sermon/Too short
13 The Realness - Group Home
14 Cold Cold World - The Genius
15 Investigative reports - The Genuis
16 Man vs Man - OC/Mic Geronimo
17 Still Shining - Mobb Deep
18 Heaven - Hip Hop Perspective All Stars
19 Hands in the air(remix) - Cypress Hill/Eric Sermon/MC Eight

And you say!!! Kev was always known for his humble approach to hip hop never been a blabber mouth!! Kev does not interview it is a rare occasion so I found this in my searches if you got time take a look at it, nice interview of course I wanted more too bad the link is dead on that free mixtape on that site, damn zshare!!! Well in the meantime if you liked vol 13, vol 14 is aimed to please as Kev gives cuts and mixes to a nice line up!! And if you haven't noticed Cosmic Kev has stayed involved with unsigned hype and upcoming Philly artist, on most of his mixes he feature a few not so well known artist and they actually fit the mix!! Kev still does this on the radio show so to many up coming artist he is a God send!! In my honest opinion Kev is an unsung heroe of Philly hip hop and I can say that knowing who was getting down back in the day, well this cat is as real as it gets!! Sure would like to see Kev, Jazzy,Cash, and a few others that are still gettin down on one set killing it!! Yeahhh that would be dope!! Now feast on this!!!

Skillz 14 side a

Skillz 14 side b


  1. props for posting these cosmic kev joint. Kev is one of my favorites.

  2. TDK I got a few more coming soon so be on the look out