Friday, January 23, 2009

The Real Schitt

Yo!! Back to Cosmic Kev well as you know I'm a well known traveler throughout the blogesphere, along my journey is one of the diamonds in the ruff that posted that real schitt!! Yeah that's right if you've been around for a minute you may know him he has several names: Some say Phil the Soulman , Phil most Chill,and a couple others, he is a well known crate digger, m.c., d.j., producer, and historian!! Phil has several 12", and has a new EP out there I believe!! He has contributed to major labels and artist as well as produced his own material, and yes he has mixtapes circulating as well!! So when he poasted this Philly classic I was done so for you cats that wanted to hear some live stuff in Philly before the Cash and Jeff era well Phil gave us this tidbit of Cosmic Kev and Perry P back in the day so hurry hurry and visit his site and cop it and while you're at it check out some of the other dope stuff and comment or at least say Thanks Olskool4real sent you!!!


Since I didn't give y'all any audio for the Philly Golden Era post, I'm gonna do y'all a solid and hit you with some Philly Hip Hop that's even older and rarer. Thanks to my boy dhammondb3 who hollared at me in the comments, I now have a few new old school Philly live Hip Hop bangers to add to my collection (I'm pretty nice with the New York stuff but woefully deficient on the Philly side of things). I'm hittin' you with a 1983 clip recorded at Martin Luther King High School in G-Town featuring legendary Philly DJ Cosmic Kev (young bols may know him better as "Strickly Skillz"... same dude) and an assortment of Philly emcees including local legend Parry P, who was like THE man on the Philly rap landscape back in those days. They're jiggin' it to, what else, the Philly old school anthem "Dance To The Drummer's Beat" by Herman Kelly and Life. I'm gonna post some more stuff like this in the future, so if anybody out there has some of that Philadelph heat from back in the day feel free to contact me at so we can trade or I can buy, whatever's clever. In the meantime, let's all eat cheesesteaks and pretzels while we listen to this schitt.

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