Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DJ Cash Money All World Show #2

DJ Cash Money All World Show #2

1. Kool G rap Talk like Sex
2. Cash vs Wu-tang
3. Pete Rock - Respect time
4. Busta Rhymes - Tear the roof off
5. Pete Rock/Method Man - Half man half amazing
6. Kid Capri/Brand Nubians - It's Brand new
7. Sauce Money - The middle
8. Cash Money - Keeping it green in London
9. Nas - One love
10. Mobb Deep - Peer Pressure
11. Double X Deep - Do it
12. Cash Money - keeping it green in London
13. TCQ - Lucien you should know
14. Keith Murray - You're High as hell

When you have watched this guy do the most incredible things on wax it is very difficult to settle for his simple mixes and cuts however even the simplest things for Cash Money is complex enough for most!! After the famous Power 99 FM show with Lady B dissipated another show emerged on 103.9 in Phila., which Lady B later hosted an old school segment on, but back to Cash who dropped these Golden mix shows!! Now I have heard several Cash Money mixes and I tell you being a follower of him for years it was hard for me to listen to these without wanting him to cut it up merciless, I often thought he played around in the mix!! You see heres a guy back in like 84 or 85 who was cuttin Drummers Beat and Pump me up effortlessly on 45 he gave pump me up a new name!! Between him and Jeff they were inventing cuts out the ass!! I know for a fact that no one wanted to battle this guy you just watch and take notes!!! And check it out he is one of the nicest DJ's you want to know, well enough said check him out Cash Money on the cut

All World show 2 side a

All World Show 2 side b

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  1. Good looking out with Cash Money, definitely the nicest DJ from the Philly golden age - or any age. I haven't heard this mix but his Ol School Need to Learn'O Vol 1 & 2, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Freestyle Flavor, etc are all classics.

    Any more mixes (radion, mixtapes, etc) from cash, jeff, tat, lady B, etc would be heartily appreciated!