Monday, January 19, 2009

A long walk through the blogesphere pt 1

I just want to take the time to share the story of how I got involved with this blog thing!! Well a few years ago I was on this mad quest to collect all my lost hip hop collections , but most of all I wanted live hip hop shows from back in the day!! My only sources were ebay and amazon Ha! Ha! Well I kept googling and googling until I came to this tape list by a guy named Troy L Smith and I contacted him and got a couple of tapes from him, then somehow his name also came up on this site called Old School Hip when I got there and signed into the forum I was blown away there were real Old School headz with lived experience like myself, but wait! It gets even better, Cats that have paved the way was on there and we were all dialoguing like that!! Well okay I finally got a computer around November of 2006 and I was looking for some stuff 4 real now, I requested LL Cool J live at the aftermidnight in Philly back in 84 and wasn't sure I would ever hear this again in life but in hours a brother named Jayquan posted it for me I then found out him and Troy L had a site of their own called the Foundation where they have tons of great interviews from the founders themselves you gotta check it out man!! And that awesome list of Troy's is on there as well!!

Those sites are still in existence and going strong!! Well when Xmas came up I thought of several songs that wanted to hear and we discussed them then a member of OSHH posted a link to a site that had a post full of Xmas Hip Hop from back in the day, that site is the legendary Bust the facts with my main man Jimmy Smithsonian and Dread now I need to caution you if you aint been there yet get yourself an external for this one cause you getting ready to see loads of stuff that you gotta cop!! This site had posted many of the middle school joints I had lost! I lived on that site 4 real Big up to these guys cause they busy as hell now but got some real soldiers still puttin it on for him!! With that said I had entered the blogesphere I then started scrolling down the links and came to the first stop a site called and it don't stop with cool ass Dr. Ok and oh did he pack a wallup on that site!! His site ranged from Old School Hip Hop albums and compilations to Breaks,Samples, Funk, and Soul you talk about a collection Dr. Ok is still blazing with his new site For real headz!! I tell you I am forever in dept to these cats man!! Then there was Travis over at Wake your daughter up who had the captivating paragraghs and some dope stuff posted!! Travis is one of the hardest working blogs in the business don't believe go over there and check em out you'll be reading for days, he posts hip hop at all levels and offers some very enlightning info lot of good talk over there!! Dart Adams over at Poisonous Paragraghs got me in a lot of trouble for spending so much time reading his posts both of these cats are pretty good journalist!! Then Eric at When they Remininsce was hot on with them hot and slept on Golden era goodies!! I'm bout to leave out my man Mr. Mass who's site displays indept interviews with some dope DJ's, Beatmakers, and producers who are legendary and influential in the game today, he also has some wicked Breaks, and sample mixes laid down by top notch prolific DJ's if you've been sleeping it's allright to wake up and gone over to Masscorporation!! And of cour Jaz over at Cold Rock the spot who stays humble in this but really has stayed true over the years!! He has a solid blog consisting of some rare and obscure hip hop compilations a must see!!

Here are some honorable mention sites that died on us: Crooklyn Classics was red hot when I first came around got some of them comps he posted! Biff's Hip Hop was nice,I got my underground fix from Kazeiro at Rap Dungeon I hope he aint dead over there yet, Lethal spit poetry was hot too, Hip Hop Bootleggers always surprised me they are still hanging around pumping that underground hip hop! My man Just Ice over at the Desolate One is still puttin it on as well Kido over at Back in the day and Macheiventa at To the Break of Dawn!! And finally Dan at From the Bricks!!

As you can see my blog resume is extensive I left out a few but these were my main sites when I started so check them out their links should be posted if not I haven't gotten to them yet but rest assure they will be there!! This is part one of my long walk so for many of my associates that didn't hear yourself mentioned believe it or not after all that, I haven't even gotten to you yet so you will be in part 2 or 3 if needed!! For you new headz we call this paying homage!!LOL

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  1. Awesome post. Love your blog. Keep it up. I had been looking for this Stretch Armstrong - DJ Whoo mixtape for a while. Hope to you see on our forum someday. We need some real hip hop heads there.